Biomutant Gameplay - Gamescom 2017

Here’s some first look gameplay from the upcoming Biomutant game from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic.

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Erik735729d ago

The sounds need improvement I feel like

NewMonday29d ago

sold on the concept already

hope they pull the game together well

morganfell29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Sold. Yep. Bought for me as soon as preorders are up. I do not get the Zelda vibe many are claiming. This feels wholly unique.

For anyone interested, the Steam page is up and has a bit more info:


_-EDMIX-_29d ago you heard its not coming to the Switch huh?

Come on Erik, not every game not coming to the Switch is this whole "needs improvement". are hype about "metroid prime 4" and only saw some text?

ummm ok buddy.

This game looks just fine.

Relientk7729d ago

I love what I've seen from this game since the announcement yesterday. I'll keep my eyes on this game and might get it when it comes out. Glad to see a promising new IP. I see a lot of potential.

Miss_Weeboo29d ago

Very nice. I get a Zelda vibe. Wow graphics these days are just fantastic...

Genuine-User29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'm not getting that Zelda vibe. What am I suppose to be looking at?

Miss_Weeboo29d ago

Well I don't know. It's a vibe: an emotional atmosphere sensed intuitively, not rationally. Still you can see a little bit of this highly personality animation characters (typical of Nintendo), this open world similar to Breath OW, at least two "Temples" or similar dungeon, clearly with puzzles (the watch thing-y), and probably different items that will allow you to access different areas of the game, probably even backtracking.
But like I said: is just a feeling. Maybe I have it and you don't. Sumimasen!

_-EDMIX-_29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

lol they basically own the rights to swords and grass now

eyeDEVOUR29d ago

I normally dont care for mascot looking character designs, but this looks awesome.. A bit of Berserk in it as well.

thatguyhayat29d ago

Now that you mention it i see it now

Sam Fisher29d ago

Berserk like the anime? Where the hell did you get that i dont see anything that resembles that

TorpeAlex29d ago

The raccoon is literally furry Guts, haha.

Big_Game_Hunters29d ago

The manga guy, Berserk anime'S are weak but the manga is god's gift to the world. I think he might be talking about the eye and giant sword since berserk kinda started the whole "Huge anime sword" trope.

Gatsu29d ago

What part of it is Berserk?

Eidolon29d ago

The big sword, bad ass look, loner, even the gun/explosion combat(combined with sword).

Genuine-User29d ago

Ok this looks f**king great!

georgenancy29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

its a cgi trailer with no gameplay shown....
edit:lol thought this was the original trailer they showed nevermind

KOIMOJO29d ago

I gave you an upvote for the cringeworthiness of your comment 😂