Zelda Master Sword has been found in our world

The time has come for you hero to show your true valor and if you are in need of the right weapon to bring with you in your adventure here we have what you were looking for: the Zelda Master Sword!

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OoglyBoogly206d ago

What's with these weak ass articles getting posted here? Yesterday it was a post about some real-life Halo Warthog someone built. The author acted like they never existed before and that the Warthog was the best thing ever despite there being plenty better ones already around...for years...

Now we have some post of a shitty "rusty" sword? Cool. Really, it is. *cough*

Nibbs206d ago

You seem like someone who was actually thinking in their mind before clicking the article "HOLY SHIT THE ZELDA SWORD IS ACTUALLY REAL!" only to find out that it's still just fantasy.

CrimzonRazor206d ago

People need to stop approving this warthog, sword junk its news for gamers not junk on craigslist