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GamerKnights has published a very in depth review of the new FFXII The Zodiac Age which is now out on PS4 and it's probably the greatest FF game ever made!

"It is, objectively, and by every conceivable metric, the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time – and consequently, one of the best JRPGs to ever exist. Passionate hyperbole aside, Final Fantasy XII is great, and is indeed my favourite of the series. Returning to the world of Ivalice was a treat I’ve looked forward to for years, but it’s a little worrying that Final Fantasy XII feels as refreshing today as it did more than a decade ago. It speaks to how little the industry paid attention to FFXII’s phenomenal gameplay mechanics, and how stagnant the JRPG genre has remained in the intervening years (with some spectacular exceptions)."

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PhoenixUp185d ago

FFXII is among my favorite next to FFIV, FFVII, FFIX, FFX-2, FFXIII-2 & FFXV.