Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review - Naughty Dog bids farewell with an ambitious adventure | IBT UK

Series hero Nathan Drake is nowhere to be found as the women take over for a rip-roaring treat.

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Imp0ssibl3244d ago

I think it's worth more than a seven...

sonarus244d ago

Perhaps it is. But I would still rather be playing last of us 2 right now instead of another uncharted a yr later

AcidDvl244d ago

But there's absolutely no way you could be playing Last of Us Part II right now. if the game only started production only a year ago.

Stupid logic that one. It's not like Naughty Dog is withholding The Last of Us II in order to release this standalone. Ridiculous comment.

Relientk77244d ago

Playing it later today can't wait. Bet you it's better than a 7