EA's Take On Nintendo Switch: We Will Appear On Any Platform Where There Are Consumers

EA's Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund, expresses that it's because of Nintendo he's in the industry and acknowledges that he's a "Nintendo fanboy". Nonetheless, when it boils down to business it's "business" as he also stated that they will appear on any platforms as long as "there are consumers, and players".

He also expresses his thoughts on virtual reality.

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TheColbertinator111d ago

To abuse and abandon as they see fit. Great work,EA.

Money to be made and for once you choose to ignore it and blame it on others.

freshslicepizza111d ago

Blame it on others? They can support Switch anytime they want. Right now there are only 4 million sold or so.

_-EDMIX-_110d ago

Its not about sold, its about how many will actually buy games not made by Nintendo.

Look at Wii.

Having 100 million doesn't mean you'll see Dead Space 1-3 or Mass Effect or Battlefield etc.
If the install base only wants to buy Nintendo published games, it matters not how many units sold.

FallenAngel1984111d ago

"We'll appear on any platform that proves lucrative to us"

TFJWM110d ago

Why would they appear on a console they would lose money on? Not saying they would but really if they aren't going to make money what is the point of them porting it...

Relientk77111d ago

Lol aka EA only cares about money

XMessiah23x110d ago

The issue is consumers are not going to buy an inferior version. Why would they when the PS4 Pro and Xbox X are way more powerful and the xbox 1 and PS4 regular are more powerful. People buy the switch for Nintendo exclusives not multiplat games.

_-EDMIX-_110d ago

" People buy the switch for Nintendo exclusives not multiplat games."

Pretty much.

From what I've seen over the years, the days in gamers buying Nintendo system to play everything is over.

PS1 basically put that concept to rest a long, long time ago. Then every gen Nintendo was getting, less and less and less content. They kept putting out weaker and weaker systems until those series became known as PC, PS and XB series.

We have more IP that don't come to Nintendo now then every before in any other time in gaming.

They've put this on themselves. The vast install base that buys Battlefield, Mass Effect, AC, Final Fantasy etc just don't exist on Nintendo platforms.

Thus....the install base of those games don't even have much existance on any Nintendo systems.

Does someone really think that the 20 million that bought Skyrim, DON'T OWN a PC, PS or XB?

So when Elder Scrolls VI comes...clearly the PC, PS and XB install base will be the VAST majority buying it, thus...the cycle continues.

They lost that market ages ago, its why EA only has Fifa.

alex101594110d ago

So where's Sims 4 for the Switch? 🤔

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