10 Years Ago Today, BioShock Proved That Video Games Could Be Art

A decade after the release of BioShock, the impact it’s had on the world of gaming is more evident than ever.

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PhoenixUp300d ago

16 years ago Ico proved the same thing

AcidDvl298d ago

Pfff, give me a break. Bioshock wipes the floor with Ico.

fromchildren298d ago

Minecraft wipes the floor using Bioshock and whatever games you can name.

thegamefox93298d ago

Both ICO and SOTC were works of art.

lptmg298d ago

Jesus Loves Me This I Know...

NiteX298d ago

I wouldn't call Bioshock art.

victorMaje298d ago

Every single good game ever made is art & has contributed to the advancement of the many sided art form of video games.