SNES Classic Edition Sells Out From Best Buy In 20 Minutes

Nintendo gave us the announcement of the SNES Classic Edition a few months ago and we have seen our first official pre-orders go up and sell out in no time.

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meatnormous117d ago

I got one. I never was able to get a nes classic so I made sure I got one of these

trumpwonstopcrying117d ago

I got one from best buy through the sheer luck of being at my computer at the very moment it hit

it was actually only up for less than 15 minutes

amazon is sold out too and it was some shady bs from their part. they made a new product page for the console and listed it there in the middle of the night at 4am...completely defeating the purpose of email notifications

FITSniper117d ago

Yeah it was some BS that they created a new product page when everyone had registered to be notified on the original page. Do it at a time where everyone has a fair chance of getting one.

0Day117d ago

Yes...not fuc*ing happy about that.

ShadyDevil117d ago

That sold out pretty darn fast.

81BX117d ago

I don't. Nintendo isn't consumer friendly with this crap. They don't deserve the money

AnubisG117d ago

Man, I wanted to get one too. Maybe from Amazon than.

leeeroythe3rd117d ago

2 am est?!? Are u kidding me

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The story is too old to be commented.