Microsoft Has an Uphill Battle This Holiday Season

Xbox One X is finally up for preorder! Which means this holiday season Microsoft is going to be bust promoting and telling you why you need and Xbox One X. But, with Sony's PlayStation 4 nomination this year with must have exclusives, important marking deals, and record high sells. Microsoft is at a bit of a disadvantage, but the Xbox does have something up it's sleeve, why PUBG is a bigger deal than you think.

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DivineAssault 332d ago

Theyve been fighting uphill since launch.. They literally dont know what theyre doing it seems.. I think they believe people are happy with their progress.

-Foxtrot331d ago

Kind of like Kinect...they made out we all loved it while they turned a blind eye to it's real reception

Was it pride, desperation or just them being completely oblivious god knows.

darthv72331d ago

Stubbornness most likely. They paid a lot of $$ for the kinect tech and were bound and determined to recoup that $$. Thing is, the concept and the hardware is pretty solid, it's their implementation that fails. I have seen some pretty damn impressive uses for the tech outside of gaming. They could have done without making it part of the system from the beginning.

sk8ofmnd331d ago

Well, after the millions in r&d i didnt expect them just to shitcan it... But really it was all the fanboys like crap gamer claiming it was the 2nd comming of god that sent the wrong message to ms. Xbox fans just couldnt admit to themselves the steaming pile of shit it was until it was too late. If the xb1 shitcanned the kinnect and invested in a beefier console for 399, the xbox wouldnt be in half the deep doo doo its in now. But who knows, the cocky bastards at ms would have prob found one way or another to f things up.

JaguarEvolved331d ago

Such an understatement. Next year it's even worse for the xbox because PlayStation has a lot of highly anticipated exclusive games coming out

Aenea331d ago

I still think Kinect is amazing tech, imagine a MS VR headset using a (newer) version so you don't need specialised controllers!

It's a shame MS can come up with amazing things but somehow as a software company can't seem to make games for it that appeal to people on a large scale...

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Obscure_Observer331d ago


"I think they believe people are happy with their progress."

To be honest, i don´t think most gamers outside online communities care too much about lack of exclusives. As you said, they been fighting uphill since launch, people though (and some still think) that Xbox One is dead and done, we been hearing this for quite some time and yes, Xbox is still here.

DivineAssault 331d ago

Nobody is saying theyre done.. They have enough money to keep going forever if they wanted.. Theyre just ignorant to what fans want..

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

"To be honest, i don´t think most gamers outside online communities care too much about lack of exclusives"

You think folks are happy to spend the same on XONE to only get less games and no exclusives?

Ummmm ok.

Is that why XONE is selling less then PS4?

Obscure_Observer331d ago


"You think folks are happy to spend the same on XONE to only get less games and no exclusives?"

What i think and what you think is irrelevant in the large scheme of things. I´m a multi-console owner (base PS4 and Xbox One) and just got my X pre-ordered yesterday. You´re happy with your PS4 and thinks that Xbox consoles is not worth it. Some are Xbox only gamers who thinks PS4 is not worth it, and so on...

And the fact the PS4 is doing extremely well on sales this generation, doesn´t necessarilly mean that Xbox is doing bad. Not if you compare Xbox One sales with Xbox 360 sales based on the same timeframe.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

@Obsc- " I´m a multi-console owner (base PS4 and Xbox One) "

Thats nice.

As a mult SYSTEM owner myself, I have no reason to buy a XONE. Heck , I dog on Nintendo a lot but have more reasons to buy Switch then a XONE.

I own a 3DS, PS4 and gaming PC.

Why do I need a XONE when MS is putting all their games on PC anyway?

That is like saying I need to buy the Ubisoft BOX-X, yet all the games coming to it are already on PS4 and PC.

" You´re happy with your PS4 and thinks that Xbox consoles is not worth it."

Nope. I'm happy with my PS4 AND GAMING PC, its for a fact not worth it for me when I can play all the content coming to XONE on PC.

So buy a system to play games I can already play on PC?

Heck, even the stuff not coming to PS4 is bad, so bad that it questions why even buy a XONE? Oh for Crackdown 3 and Sea Of Thieves? Seriously? We can say The Order is a crap game, Until Dawn isn't anything special or Knack isn't the best game ever....but when you have Horizon, Days Gone and other teams making AAA titles, it actually shows that both are not on the same level.

They just have very little content and basically zero exclusive content since their push to PC.

As a PC gamer, I don't even want most of what I've seen from MS, I might legit end up with 1 MS title this whole gen with Sea Of Thieves, basically I bought more EA and Ubisoft games this gen then MS games....

MS has just done a bad job this gen.

"doesn´t necessarilly mean that Xbox is doing bad"

Keep telling yourself that.

This gen is pathetic for MS.

I have no plans to ever buy a XB and I don't see me buying much MS software if they keep this up either on PC.

I see me ending this gen with a Switch, gaming PC, PS4, 3DS. I don't see me buying a XB and even Sea Of Thieves on PC is on the fence with me.

notachance331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

"To be honest, i don´t think most gamers outside online communities care too much about lack of exclusives."

maybe in NA/UK,
in my region for example XBL is a barren wasteland. Most of the gamers here, and by most I mean more than 90% gamers are on PC and PS4, having slightly better graphics won't do jacksh*t if there's absolutely none of your friends play on XB. MP games instead become MS's bane, no matter how good it is no one would look at it if there's no people to play with.

It's such a huge difference in numbers of people now that choosing PS4 over XB1 is practically common sense here if you can afford only 1 console. In fact, chances are the casual gamers who don't frequent online forums might not know there's new XB after X360 because so much store here only sell PS and Nintendo stuff, because XB simply doesn't sell...

Now the main, important thing that can make us purchase an XB is a game that can be played without friends a.k.a exclusive SP games, but you know how it is with MS and SP games now..

Obscure_Observer331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


Yeah, dude. As i said, Xbox consoles is not worth it for YOU! Is not like MS will be losing any money from you anyway if you buy Xbox exclusives on your WINDOWS PC. As far you continue with WINDOWS and Xbox Exclusives on you PC, Microsoft will be happy with you.

Obscure_Observer331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


"Now the main, important thing that can make us purchase an XB is a game that can be played without friends a.k.a SP games, but you know how it is with MS and SP games now.."

Yeah, i know. It´s sad but unfortunely, it seems Xbox is not really suited for you or the folks at your country. A least Sony has you guys covered. ;)

Captain_Tom331d ago

XBOX is being outsold 5:1 globally, and even 2:1 in the US. XBOX hasn't turned a solid profit...ever.

No it is quite bad. You don't have to be "done" to be irrelevant.

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PhoenixUp331d ago

Microsoft is relying more on tech than games to carry them through the holiday season

sk8ofmnd331d ago

You have to admit, it has to be better than relying mainly on AAA 3rd partys to get them through a console generation.

Now at least they're relaying on 3rd partys AND beefier specs. At least they are trying to do the best with what looks like a sinking ship.

Ms business model:

How can we maxamize profits and spend/invest the least amount of $$... Hmm lets buy out devs, shut down studios, cancel games, not look inferior to the ps4 (xb1x), and rely solely on AAA 3rd partys to do most of the work for us... Brilliant 😎

Aenea331d ago

I can't imagine the R&D for the One X was exactly cheap....

Dragonscale331d ago

@aenea, so true. Just think how many studios or new ip's they could've created instead.

PhoenixUp331d ago

Relying on third parties is basically what has carried the Xbox brand for the past 16 years as well as the PlayStation brand to some extent.

Aenea331d ago

Which is kinda odd considering MS is mostly a software company...

I've always found it odd, Sony has always been mostly a hardware company, MS a software company, yet Sony seems to be able to pump out more software and MS now has the better hardware. Boggles the mind really....

Lennoxb63331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Well at the end of the analog generation (walkmans, radios, crt tvs,), all Sony has left is their gaming division. So Sony can just continue to pour more and more money into Playstation. MS has their hands in many different pots though. So they can't put all their money in Xbox because it's not a priority.

FallenAngel1984331d ago

Not as much of an uphill battle that Nintendo had for the past holiday seasons

freshslicepizza331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Nintendo is in pretty good shape now as demand is still very high. They just need to figure out how to distribue properly and get manufacturing up without all the excuses. Microsoft has always had an uphill battle, especailly on the forums. No matter what they do they have those that would rather see them exit than to ever support them.

sk8ofmnd331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Most people myself included were severely burned by ms during the 360 gen. Friends of mine went through 2-3 360s. If ms didnt come out shinning in 2013 they were going to be fukt by many unhappy customers from the prev gen. And yeah, i understand they eventually ended up doing the right thing but prior to that they tried to play it off like it wasnt widespread and almost came to a complete recall before they got hit with some act right. Plus, not all consumers 360 failed immidiately for seldom gamers... It happened right past their warranty and those gamers (millions) vowed to never let ms f them again and swore to trash talk them any chance they got.

So dont act like its completely unwarranted... And then the xb1 gen started with a whole new clean slate of bad shit

freshslicepizza331d ago

"Most people myself included were severely burned by ms during the 360 gen. Friends of mine went through 2-3 360s."

Ironically I haven't heard one issue with the hardware on the Xbox One and by the looks of it the Xbox One X looks to be the best enegineered console in hisory. What you are telling me is true, people like you can't get rid of the baggage from the past and keep a long list with them at all times whenever Microsoft/Xbox is mentioned.

Dark_Knightmare2331d ago

You know for a "pc gamer" you sure are in Xbox articles a lot defending them hard

FallenAngel1984331d ago

"Now" is the keyword and a convenient way to avoid accepting that console-wise Nintendo's past holiday seasons were just as troubled

freshslicepizza331d ago

Nintendo was in a different type of trouble, so much so that they had to cut the life of the WiiU short and transfer everything over to Switch. They sold about half of what the Xbox One has.

FallenAngel1984331d ago

Indeed it was. It was a great thing that Nintendo had the success of 3DS to carry it through those tough times while Microsoft Studios doesn't have such a cushion.

331d ago
FallenAngel1984331d ago

@ rico

It's still important to acknowledge the past, especially when it wasn't so long ago.

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sk8ofmnd331d ago

Actually shit rolls down hill 😳

On topic:

Ms has had an "uphill battle" since the unveiling of the og xb1 and its 499$ pricetag.

Silly gameAr331d ago

PUBG and "4K" to the rescue, until that novelty wears off, then what?

nitus10331d ago

The biggest competitor to the XB1x is not the PS4 or the Switch it is the XB1s which by the time the XB1x launches will most likely be $200 to $250 USD cheaper and it will be an uphill battle to convince the general public that it is worth spending the extra money when all you are getting is improved visuals (great if you have a 4K TV) and the fact that all games that play on the XB1x will also play on the XB1s.


xb1s is no one's competitor nowadays

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