The VR Price Wars: Is Now The Best Time To Take The Plunge?

VR becomes even more affordable as prices continue to fall.

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Apocalypse Shadow328d ago

And that's great for everyone. For those that haven't yet, lower prices means more money for VR games. If the time is not now, then Black Friday or Christmas will be the perfect time.

freshslicepizza327d ago

$400 was simply too good to pass up for the Oclus Rift and it came with 2 sensors, the best controllers and 6 free games.

mcstorm327d ago

Still don't see VR being the next big thing. Even Sonys support for their own VR has dropped and 3rd party even more.

Scatpants327d ago

I bought mine a year ago and it's been awesome seeing the development of VR. Worth every penny.