Microsoft in a hiring freeze for the Xbox division

Silicon Alley Insider has confirmed that Robbie Bach, who heads up Entertainment and Devices (Xbox, Zune, etc), sent out an email last night announcing a freeze at his group.

Prior to receiving the news about the E&D group, we asked Microsoft for comment about the possibility of a companywide hiring freeze, which the company says is not happening.

Statement from Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos:

"Microsoft will continue to grow and add thousands of new jobs this year, but given the current economic environment we are taking the prudent step of reviewing our hiring plans and will make some adjustments as appropriate. We are optimistic about our prospects for growth and will continue hiring the talent we need to ensure our ongoing success."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3638d ago

Good to see that Microsoft is shutting down studios and pumping out cheap hardware so they can reduce the price of the 360 to the price of a toaster

DavidMacDougall3638d ago

There going to take the toaster companys down! GO Microsoft thats all your good for!

GiantEnemyCrab3638d ago

haha that "toaster" is kicking the snot out of your blu-ray grill!

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jif863638d ago

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DavidMacDougall3638d ago

You wish.


Spread Butt Cheeks3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I'm sorry, what place is the PS3 in?

haha, the douchers above have ports running windows services. Ha-Ha, you support the company you hate....idiots

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3638d ago

Nooo! Giant Enemy Crybaby is bursting into tears again

TheMART3638d ago

Can anyone tell me how Lord got so many bubbles with trolling?

Ah wait the Sony Defense Force is backing up each other. NICE

Has anyone noticed its always the Sony fandroids having more then 5 bubbles, allmost no 360 users getting over 5?

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DavidMacDougall3638d ago

Talking out your arse that "PP" guy never loses bubbles he always has like 7

LarVanian3638d ago

Yeah I know, Its great!

3638d ago
Oner3638d ago

@ TheMart

"Can anyone tell me how Lord got so many bubbles with trolling?

Ah wait the Sony Defense Force is backing up each other. NICE"

I guess it just couldn't be that people don't agree with you then huh?...amazing

Oner3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Spread Butt Cheeks - 52 minutes ago

"1.10 - no more jobs

at least you know the n*****s wont complain. they dont work"

Phenomenal. What a punk MF. Saying stuff like that behind a computer screen...immaturity at it's finest

Pain3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I luv the fools above always claiming everybody's a proxy bot.

fact this site was Pro Xbox 2 in 06/07 still is more less

Then they all left and went back to the Right side cuz Sonys nice and welcomed them back in 08.

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and its about time the Stock Holder's and Investors told M$ to Exit the Dowered spiral of the Xbox devision and call it quits.

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nbsmatambo3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

hiring freezes are never good even if it is MS =/

sonarus3638d ago

This does sort of make you wonder if people are losing jobs because of 360 price cut lol

v1c1ous3638d ago

economics expert everyone. give him a hand of applause

AAACE53638d ago

I would assume that it is because they closed down some studios, and are trying to get organized and place poeple throughout the company to see exactly what they have!

But then again... You never know? They could be facing some financial trouble as well! The Zune market hasn't taken off the way they wanted. The iPod touch has helped limit the zune's progress.

I just realized that MS are facing several battles right now! They are competing with Nintendo and Sony. They are taking Apple head-on. And they are probably competing with some others as well that I can't remember. MS really knows how to get theirself in some deep sh..!

juuken3638d ago

You guys take sonarus too seriously.
He was kidding.

sonarus3638d ago

Maybe i wasn't...playing Halo right now and all i can say is YAAWNNN:D

juuken3638d ago

Oh sonarus...I was trying to save your butt. :/
Look at what joo did now. .-.

FantasyStar3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Maybe the hiring freeze has some relation to the economic crisis in the states.

JoySticksFTW3638d ago

It's shaky times, economy-wise, but the video-game business continues to grow.

I think may simply be, M$ has found what works best for them...

- buying / "stealing" exclusivity away from competitors to make certain games multiplatform

-buying true exclusivity for games that used to be multiplatform

-buying timed exclusivity

-buying exclusive downloadable content

That stuff works for them. They are dropping game studios and not hiring anymore because they don't need to pay the operating costs, when they can just buy certain rights to the game from devs or publishers.

Sony can't match M$ dollar for dollar when competing with exclusivity, so their only option is to focus on first / second party development to keep them in the game. That works for them.

The hiring freeze raises an eyebrow. And I'd certainly be worried if I worked at M$ with everyone leaving recently and the game studio dumping, but I don't think the sky is falling yet

mikeslemonade3637d ago

Considering Microsoft game studios has the smallest first party they need it. And this is expected too. No suprise here.

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ElementX3638d ago

I don't blame MS. The economy sucks right now. Every industry is laying off people, highest jobless rate in like 5 years.

DavidMacDougall3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


Getting flashbacks to when your mother first saw you

SteveBallmer SonyRep3638d ago

LOL!!!!! Its funny because its true

ThatCanadianGuy3638d ago

David just owned you so bad..just walk away in shame..

TheColbertinator3638d ago


Nice attempt but easy to see your double account

ThatCanadianGuy3638d ago

I know.You're a true disgrace to trolls.
Anyone else would of put "ThatCanadianGay420" it just goes to show how stupid you really are.

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marison3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

If they can prove profitable for some more time they will revert that trend and will invest massive again. That's normal.


Otherwise they could to continue have abismal losses and quite from this business in the next generation (the really next, not this generation).

What will you choose?

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