Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Includes First Person Mode And More

PC owners can finally celebrate because Square Enix has listened to the fans. Square Enix announced today at Gamescom 2017 the Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. The PC is the third iteration of Final Fantasy XV after the game was already released for the PS4 and Xbox One late last year.

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InKnight7s358d ago

First day edition, Steelbook edition, Deluxe edition, Ultimate Collector edition and Windows edition. Then what Mac edition? Square enix full of editions.

Hozi358d ago

I want the final edition. Thank goodness it's finally coming. Hope it includes all DLC, and Extras like new quests, summons, bosses, weapons, etc...

drizzom357d ago

4k frog catching experiences.

-Gespenst-357d ago

4K specs are high, but I don't really care about 4K. I really want to know the 1080p specs.

So glad this is coming to PC though. Huge FF fan and I still haven't played this because I don't own any of the consoles.

As for first person mode, it seems like a weird inclusion for a Final Fantasy game. I think the devs must still be obsessed wiith Skyrim. I'll probably mess with it for a bit for the novelty of it, but not during any important parts.

-Gespenst-357d ago

Well, I own a laptop that's about as good as, if not a bit better than, a PS4 Pro. Also, most of the console games I want are either available on PC, forthcoming on PC, or bound to come to PC eventually. I don't know, I just didn't bother with this generation of consoles. I might end up buying a PS4 or a Switch some day, because there are a couple of games I want to play that won't ever get released on PC - games like The Last Guardian and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Frinker357d ago

I'm satisfied with attaining 1080p and 60 fps on PC

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