Square Enix Collective announce Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC remake of Fear Effect with Reinvented

Neil writes "Can you remember back 17 years? If you can then you'll no doubt have huge memories of the original Fear Effect. Well good news as the original game is back as the Square Enix Collective have announced a full-on remake - Fear Effect Reinvented."

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equal_youth277d ago

Yes! Do it right this time! What a surprise!

bouzebbal277d ago

WOW memory lane!!!!!!
what a brilliant game the original was!

NapalmSanctuary277d ago

"WOW memory lane!!!!!!"

Its kinda like when someone randomly brings up British Knights (BKs).

N8277d ago

Used to love this game

iNcRiMiNaTi277d ago

As long as it's not horrible looking like Fear Effect Sedna this should be good. I hope they do something with Parasite Eve next

Matrix6277d ago

I would've thought PE should've got a Remakester long ago, or is there an issue with distribution or whatever??

NapalmSanctuary277d ago

SE have grown way too big. They're like dinosaur. It takes way to long for them to get going on something and by the time they finish it its usually overdue and disappointing. They have so many IPs that people have wanted games from for so long. The biggest problem (I think) is that they think everything has to be top tier AAA and packed to the brim with modern gaming trends.

_-EDMIX-_276d ago

lol we all likely thought this at some point.

I think we might get a remake soon, but not simply a cross from remaster to remake. I'm hoping for a full remake of Parasite Eve though!

kevnb277d ago

I thought it was F.E.A.R. at first, still cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.