NVIDIA Boasts 200M GeForce Gamers, Announces HDR Support for Destiny 2 Coming To PC First

NVIDIA announced that HDR support in Destiny 2 will come to PC first. They also boasted impressive numbers such as 200M GeForce gamers and 90M GeForce Experience users.

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Aurenar274d ago

Great news! My PC is connected to an HDR TV :)

nX273d ago

Mine too but my GTX780 somehow doesn't let me enable HDR - can't figure out why :/

JJShredder273d ago

Yeah, too bad HDR has been jacked-up since the Windows 10 Creators update with no fix in sight. HDR for Mass Effect Andromeda, Shadow Warrior 2, and as far as I know, RE:7 and Tomb Raider all do not work currently on PC. If any of you got this working somehow, I would love to hear from ya.

GTX 980ti going to Vizio P65-C1 here.