Overwatch: Pool Party Symmetra Cosplay by Aaryae

Adventures in Poor Taste: "Symmetra isn't ready for summer to end just yet. We featured Aaryae’s impressive Symmetra cosplay (which she built from scratch) not too long ago, and now she’s celebrating summer’s end with one last pool party rendition of the light-bending architech."

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AcidDvl183d ago

How does this trash get through?

183d ago
NecoTehSergal183d ago

I'm amazed it wasn't from CogConnected, lmao. That's all their shit that gets put up on here, clickbait of Cosplay and busty-girls.

ObviousGoldfish183d ago

Wonder why the pool had such a red hue to it?

Anthotis183d ago

dat ass on the one in the blue requires a serious tongueing.

aaronaton183d ago

Get reet in there my son!

petelil181d ago

What the..this is something skin showing can do..