Microsoft Did Nothing But Disappoint: Gamescom 2017 Press Conference

Lex wrote: After E3 2017, Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg said that games for Xbox will be revealed during at Gamescom 2017. When he made the statement in the GameReactor interview, I have been very hopeful since their E3 press conference was all nothing but Xbox One X and “console launch” exclusives. Now, Gamescom 2017 has finally come but it left me in a spot where I can't take Microsoft's words seriously anymore.

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corroios89d ago

I watch it and there were times i couldnt believe it. Not even new trailers from the same games. The conference could have 2 minutes.

New Stuff:
1 minute: Pre order open
2 minute: Buy stand to put the console up, like sony does.

Also amazing 400 minecraft S console!!!!

bouzebbal89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

at the same time it's not like we have been used to high class with these guys.
they have been on a falling ground since the last 3 years of 360. Nothing but disappointment since.
and they wanted to hold a similar event to PSX... LOL

SolidStateSnake89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It's literally almost a decade with nothing but shit from MS. Not that 360 was any more unique. PS3 had all the games the Xbox had minus Gears, Forza, Halo.

FITgamer89d ago

Not only that the host were so cringey. Everything seemed so forced and fake.

Shin-Zantetsuken89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

MS are the biggest liars in the industry. They always overhype and underdeliver everything including Milo & Kate, Project Natal, DX12, Hololens, Illumiroom, cloud power, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Recore, Titanfall 1, etc. etc. They keep promising exclusive games each E3/Gamecom or any other event but nothing turns up. Phil keeps promising commitment to exclusives and games but there is nothing but multiplats to play on Xbox One. We all know how that promise of 42 exclusives at E3 2017 turned out in the end.

Just recently they promised to to show games at Gamescom and there was that top secret "Project Hollywood" that got everyone hyped. But in the end once again no games and the "Project Hollywood" turned out to be just a DLC for the mega-flop Halo Wars 2. Overhype and underdeliver, rinse and repeat. MS know jackshit about gaming. They just entered the industry after seeing Sony's success as a "ME TOO" console and their goal always has been to take over the living room through a multimedia hub in the form of Xbox. That is why they tried to introduce TV, original programming and DVR functionality with Xbox One. They dont care about gaming or gamers unlike Sony and Nintendo.

Servbot4189d ago

Nah, the 360 had other great games outside of the main 3 that they pump out yearly, like Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, the first Crackdown, Dead or Alive 4, Saints Row, Kameo, Splosion Man, and a dozen Shmumps if you are into those. Xbox One has... Sunset Overdrive.

Dragonscale89d ago

@shin, spot on. The xbone reveal and all the anti-consumer crap showed their true colours tbh. Its gonna take a hell of a lot more than scorpio, much more.

trumpwonstopcrying89d ago

Honestly they should have walked away years ago after the old Red Ring of Death problem...they're a plague on the gaming industry. Time to leave and let amazon, apple or valve take the 3rd console spot...although I'd love it if Sega took another shot at it...

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trooper_89d ago

I'm not surprised actually. I knew they were going to botch this show too.

joab77789d ago

The only bright spots are PuB and PoE. And they are both PC games.

subtenko89d ago

Thats what you get with microfluff. Xbox hype is down lower than it already is, they should have just stayed home and watched the eclipse.

2600Thunder89d ago

Typical all talk MS. They do it to us at the enterprise level too. All used car salesman Greenberg self-soothing rubdowns and transparent excitement - like they did at the start of this gen by pretending Xbone sales were extremely high. MS fanboys love to be lied to. Yesterday was just more of that: flashy film school CGI trailers and fake hype scripted gameplay of OLD games. But hey, that Minecraft paintjob though, am I right? :/

The way things have been going, I honestly believe that they are just sitting waiting on their partnership games to flow in like Shadow of War to siphon in fools' DLC/microtransaction money. Was trying to secure a xbonex preorder to decide later, but after thinking on yesterday's presentation, I think I'm good with my PC, PS4, and Switch.

Least I'll be playing some more Uncharted tomorrow.

GT6789d ago (Edited 89d ago )

That was the "MAIN" reason i never bought 360 back then to this day not alone x1,x1x , noooooo fking games .
Same 3 games since 2006 Halo,Gears, Forza exclusive . nothing more. wash,rinse,repeat.

Same she-it over an over

segamaniaco89d ago

They didnt disappoint, they just have no games to show

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UCForce89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Yeah, it was underwhelming. It was just an E3 Remastered with awkward moments especially Aeron Greenberg part was just so cringe. Here this part from twitter :

Edit : It's just so goddamn unnatural and forced.

Knushwood Butt89d ago

He doesn't look very excited.

SolidStateSnake89d ago

Biggest exclusives on Xbox? The fact that Xbox One still doesn't have a 90 rating game on metacritic after 4 years is comical. He couldn't even name more games than people have been saying since the xbox 360's still, 12 years later, only Forza, Halo and Gears...haha it's funny actually. In any other business, this company would go bankrupt. Can't believe he could stand there and say this with a straight face. I would be ashamed of myself.

DigitalCentralMedia89d ago

Forza Horizon 3 got 91 on Metacritic

UCForce89d ago

@DigitalCentralMedia Of course, but Microsoft need more than just one.

Usperg89d ago

WOW you actually care what Metacritic print, THATS comical???????????
They wouldn't know their ass from their elbow LUL! Jesus,like come on, they are NOT the word of god for gaming!

TFJWM89d ago

@Usperg "WOW you actually care what Metacritic print, THATS comical???????????"

Considering some publishers give bonuses based on metacritic....

bluefox75589d ago (Edited 89d ago )

@Usperg Instead of just dismissing metacritic, perhaps you can give an example of one time everyone agreed that the metascore of a game was drastically off the mark? In my experience, games with 90+ metascore are usually pretty good.

SolidStateSnake89d ago


They are not gaming gods. But they do give an indication. And no not have a single game there except for a racer, is a good indication that things are not good.

Kribwalker89d ago

The quote was "The fact that Xbox One still doesn't have a 90 rating game on metacritic after 4 years is comical. " to which one was shown to prove him wrong.

I keep hearing from one fan base about how zeldas meta is way off and it's totally overrated

Why o why89d ago

1 game is even more comical. So he is wrong but technically it's poor for a player to have such weak output both in quality and quantity after so long.

sd1189d ago

This gen has very few games rated above 90. The PS4 only has about 4 and one of those is a remaster from the ps3.

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KickSpinFilter89d ago

Ya it was super awkward but so was Sony's with Mark Cerney.

UCForce89d ago

Mark Cerny is different. His talk doesn't sound force.

KickSpinFilter89d ago

@UCForce No not at all forced just creepy guy feel. lol

GrubsterBeater89d ago


He does kinda give off a weird pedo vibe. Lol like he might have a basement covered in pictures of women with their eyes all whites out so they can't "judge him with their eyes".

OffRoadKing89d ago

I'll give you that Cerney is a creeper, very intelligent guy but super creepy.

Nightcyberspud89d ago

Sorry but Mark Cerny looks and sounds like Dana Carvey doing an impression of what he thinks a child Molester should sound like.

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OffRoadKing89d ago

"I'm excited to announce", LOL!

gums00789d ago

i dont think it looks unnatural or forced...maybe its just me

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