Why The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Was A Failure

The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It was in that moment of time that Final Fantasy fans started to feel Square Enix trying to rush into making a decent RPG for the series.

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bloodyspasm334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

You say the trilogy was a failure but I see you mention mostly their strong points :p

kakakaja334d ago

Even though they had their positives, except for the last game in the trilogy, they are hardly considered Final Fantasy titles.Lost Odyssey on the Xbox 360 is considered a Final Fantasy title against these 3 combined.

bloodyspasm334d ago

I won't fight you there, Lost Odyssey was a better FF than any of those (though also lacking summons) and I rated it highly in my own Backwards Compatible Review. But I still enjoyed all three XIII games as well and can't wait for them to become BC.

DevilOgreFish333d ago

"Lost Odyssey was a better FF than any of those"
If only Hironobu was aware of this...he is needed again.

333d ago
PhoenixUp334d ago

"The first game in the trilogy had lost its spirit of open world exploration, the second didn’t have the summoning system, and the third was just a big mess of everything."

FFX lost its spirit of open world exploration & FFX-2 didn't have the summoning system either ya know. It doesn't make them any less Final Fantasy titles.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago


FFX isn't open world and its one of my favorite FF titles.

I like both the open world and linear FF titles.

kakakaja333d ago

Square Enix didn't do a crappy job with character building in FFX, but they did in FFXIII. The combat system of FFX-2 was pretty fun, even though it had no summoning system, and the same goes for FFXIII-2. That's why I preferred FFXIII-2 from the three.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago


I don't know why many of you state opinions as facts...

kakakaja333d ago

What i was trying to say was that i am also one of those people who agree that FFXIII-2 was much better than the other 2.

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

Well FF13 had more character building than FF15, I guess that counts for something. Personally I feel the trilogy had an increase in quality with each entry.

DragonKnight333d ago

It is an objective fact that FFX had superior characters and character progression than FFXIII. The only character in FFXIII that could possibly be said to have any real development was Hope, and he just developed from terrible to slightly less terrible. That's not an opinion, that's the truth.

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PhoenixUp333d ago

@ kaka

If that's you don't like the character development in FFXIII why not just list that? Seems far more less hypocritical than criticizing a design choice like linearity in FFXIII when it also happened in FFX.

If you can accept no summoning in FFX-2, I don't see why it'd be an issue for you with its absence in FFXIII-2. Also, of course you could only use one monster as an ally in battle. What else would you expect from a battle system that was designed around a party of 3 members? It was an expanded version of the monster battling system in FFX-2.

kakakaja333d ago

I'm perfectly all right with the no summoning system, even though it could have used it. The same way i'm all right with FFX-2 not having it. What i really wanted was something about the battle system done. Summons would have made it more fun, along with more than 1 ally monster in battle. Thats what i have tried to mention.

PhoenixUp333d ago

The CSB was designed around 3 active participants though, so that would mean having to switch Noel out for a monster since Serah is the reason the monsters are battling with you in the first place like you could switch out any of the girls in FFX-2 for a monster. However unlike the ATB in FFX-2, the CSB became so cinematic in FFXIII-2 that it would require both Serah and Noel to be on the field at all times meaning there'd be room for only one monster at a time.

Also just like FFX-2 it makes narrative sense why there's no summoning in FFXIII-2. Whereas Yuna and her party had had to destroy all the aeons at the end of FFX, Serah & Noel are not L'Cie and cannot summon eidolons like the party could in the previous game. While Lightning can still summon Odin despite no longer being L'Cie herself in FFXIII-2, she has that ability because she was infused with Etro's power.

DragonKnight333d ago

FFX may not have been "open world" but the world design was so superior to FFXIII that even the linearity of FFX felt less linear because the world was brimming with activity and life. Hell, even in places without it (Mt. Gagazet, Bikanel Desert, Zanarkand Ruins) it still felt more alive and more active than the entirety of FFXIII.

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_-EDMIX-_333d ago

I know right ,failed so bad it moved around 9 million units /s

kakakaja333d ago

It was the first Final Fantasy to come to the PS3 and Xbox 360 (both of them being current-gen at the time). People bought it because the Final Fantasy series always kept its class of RPG. Final Fantasy XIII didn't have that. So once you buy the game, it doesnt matter whether you play it or not because money goes to Square Enix.

And how long did it take for Square Enix to make this game? Building a hype, just like FFXV, was the only way to make people anticipate for the game once it releases.

You only find out how bad the game really is once you buy it. So there are your 9 million units sold.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago


Games don't simply sell by default.

FF is also a series that each title is different.

"And how long did it take for Square Enix to make this game?" Who cares...

": Building a hype, just like FFXV" People get hyped for bad games? Buddy, people buy what they like, no one is forcing anyone to buy anything . Accept that people only buy things they clearly want. No one is tricking anyone to buy any game series.

"You only find out how bad the game really is once you buy it."

And? Does that not apply to every game?

Like someone stated, what about Mass Effect? Many, many, many series have fallen over the years and they don't just sell based on "hype". Either the game is received good or its not.

Look at Zelda Skyword Sword, 100 million unit install based on the Wii, yet failed to sell better then Twilight Princess.

Sooooooo no. Games don't just sell based on default of name. Those sales will slow down if the game is received poorly.

"And yes, mainstream games always do well"


Ummm ok buddy. So you telling me no game developers ever went out of business and all "mainstream games" just all do well?


I don't know where you heard that lie from.

kakakaja333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

You asked if people get hyped for bad games but the thing is that you don't know unless you play it for yourself. No? I myself was hyped for FFXIII when it was in development, but once i got to play it i never thought an FF game could be this dull and boring and rushed. And by rushed i mean poor character development. Final fantasy XIII was the first hit Square Enix received for a mainstream FF game, from which im excluding the online title ffxi. Even FFXII received a bit of hate but not so much when compared with FFXIII.

And mainstream games always do well when the series is always going strong. For example if Konami somehow launch Metal Gear Solid 6, you would see massive sales for the game as well. But how the game actually is in reality is something you will see once people play the game and review it.

And of course lets not forget to mention that advertising games through various means, even if they are crappy titles, leads to increase in sales. And remember, i am only saying they are crappy once you play the game and review it, and not when they are being advertised everywhere. Of course if you advertise any game well, people will buy it. Thats a no brainer.

DragonKnight333d ago

"Games don't simply sell by default."

When they are a long standing brand of historically significant and excellent titles they do. FF is one of the few games still around that can sell on name alone. FFXIII was the first FF game of a new generation of consoles. Typically, that kind of game is the height of quality for the franchise, and people expected no less for FFXIII. We were shown carefully chosen bullshots of the game as well, so it is a fact that FFXIII didn't sell because of its quality gameplay, story, or characters. It sold on name and visuals.

"Who cares..."

People who care about quality titles do.

"People get hyped for bad games?"

All the damn time. Where were you for Gearbox's Aliens game? People get hyped for games they think are going to be amazing, buy them, then realize they wasted their money.

"And? Does that not apply to every game?"

Your point?

"Many, many, many series have fallen over the years and they don't just sell based on "hype"."

You're either blind, an idiot, obtuse, or all of the above. This industry is built on selling based on hype. Why do you think pre-order culture and Season Passes exist?

"Look at Zelda Skyword Sword, 100 million unit install based on the Wii, yet failed to sell better then Twilight Princess."

The install base literally means nothing to success. Never has. PS2 ended at over 150 million units and no game sold even close to that many copies. There are many factors that go into a game's success, and hype is a LARGE part of it. You act as though there are millions of "smart" consumers out there waiting before they buy these games. There aren't. If there were, we wouldn't be having annual Call of Duty games, no pre-order culture, no DLC milking, no Season Passes, and no microtransactions.

"Sooooooo no. Games don't just sell based on default of name. Those sales will slow down if the game is received poorly. "

You haven't been gaming very long. You make the absolutely most moronic statements about gaming as though you simply just started today.

jugo14333d ago

this is true. Fanboys just don't understand. Sales also don't account for returns and people not actually playing it like you said.

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FallenAngel1984333d ago

@ kaka

Yet Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn't able to be a big seller even though it had the Mass Effect name attached to it. FFXIII still sold well even after people received the critical reception for it. And it's not a flat out terrible game, as you can do much worse in the genre.

Also FFXI was the first FF game to come to 360.

Also also, a mainline Final Fantasy game is just naturally going to generate hype regardless.

kakakaja333d ago

Never played FFXI because just by looking at it i was turned off. And yes, mainstream games always do well, even if they are not what people expect to play.

FallenAngel1984333d ago

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a mainstream game and it certainly didn't do well.

kakakaja333d ago

i remember the amount bugs and glitches it had. Maybe that had something to do with it?

FallenAngel1984333d ago

Assassin's Creed: Unity, Halo: TMCC, Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, & Batman: Arkham Knight were also riddled with bugs and glitches and yet they all still sold better than Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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LegoIsAwesome333d ago

FFXIII and FFXIII-3 is excellent with a couple of unneeded drama. FFXIII-2 is the only failure in the trilogy imho.

FallenAngel1984333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I wouldn't call the trilogy selling 12+ million a failure, which is far more than many other JRPG series have sold in the entirety of their respective franchise.

kakakaja333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

You can also see how the numbers fell after the sales of FFXIII.

FallenAngel1984333d ago

Well obviously. No Final Fantasy sequel is going to sell better than the original.

Idk why anybody would expect anything else.

kakakaja333d ago

Square Enix should have kept in mind that a game such as FFXIII just might taint the series. But anyway, whats done is done. Learn form the mistakes.

FallenAngel1984333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Yet Square Enix continues to market its FFXIII in cross promotion ads, as a mission in FXIV, & on front and center on two Dissidia box arts so they clearly don't feel that the game stained the franchise's legacy. I'm actually mad that they still seem to be giving Lightning more attention than Noctis across a lot of media.

Also I don't believe numbers falling off is indicative of anything major. For example no other Kingdom Hearts game has sold more than KH1 thus far. And it's very unlikely that FFVII Remake will sell more than the 11+ million that the original sold.

_-EDMIX-_333d ago

Thats a lot.

I thought it sold less then that.

FallenAngel1984333d ago

@ Ed

Of course it's a lot. There's a reason why Square Enix continues to feature FFXIII as prominently as it features FFVII, FFVIII, & FFX across a lot of their crossover media.

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