HTC Vive Receives Official Price Drop

HTC has officially cut the price of the Vive by $200 USD.

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Apocalypse Shadow363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Uh-oh... Uh-oh... Uh-oh Uh-oh Uh-oh.. comes the hammer!

Nice job HTC for a response to the price difference after Oculus's summer sale. Things are definitely heating up. Now Sony, your turn to drop the price of PSVR just a little so that gamers can join in and get some SUPER HOT VR action all around.

freshslicepizza363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Oculus is still the better deal, it includes two sensors and the best controllers of the 3 VR sets for $399. Nice to see a pretty significant price drop though. Vive has the best tracking and room scale but that also can be achieved on Oculus which can support up to 4 sensors. How many sensors does PSVR have?

NecoTehSergal362d ago

Oculus ain't a better deal, weaker tech, not future-proof and there ain't really any games that are future-proofing it in the software department. Vive has already a decent lineup and Valves' working on VR Gloves to boot - and we KNOW Valve can make a Valve game and has a Full-Fledged AAA game in the works for VR, just imagining Half-Life VR would make it sell quite a good amount.

Oculus? the fuck does it got?

Tech5362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

VR is ok, AR is even crazier. this will make you laugh -
UE4 Matinee demo
UE4 Matinee demo AR

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generic-user-name362d ago

No, Vive just looks less ridiculously expensive now.

segamaniaco362d ago

Ps vr still costs 500$ for the decent experience

Rift is the cheapest now

Venox2008361d ago

Well you need to add a price of decent PC to run VR properly