Dark Souls is Not an Action RPG.

"Does Dark Souls have action RPG elements to it? Yes. Is that genre befitting of Dark Souls?Hell no!!!" - Says "Bob the Hollow" on this opinion piece about whether the terminology that describes the series as an Action-RPG is flawed, and what we should be calling the "Souls Genre"

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PhoenixUp453d ago

Speaking of which, The Legend of Zelda series isn't an RPG period

franwex452d ago

Seriously, it is not. It has some elements, but I don't think it's an RPG either.

Summons75452d ago

It doesn't even really have elements. It's just not, at all.

dragonyght452d ago

its an action adventure period -_-

Melankolis452d ago

Of course not. Everybody knows it's a puzzle game.

franwex452d ago

That water temple was a rather annoying puzzle.

FallenAngel1984452d ago

Sucks how many people still mistake The Legend of Zelda series to be an RPG series, even Wikipedia itself.

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Timesplitter14452d ago

I feel like this is way too subjective and ultimately irrelevant to bother debating about it.

Princess_Pilfer452d ago

I feel like the term RPG has been so horribly abused that nobody who hadn't either played pen and paper tabletop games and/or games like Shadowrun Hong Kong and Fallout New Vegas has any idea what a real RPG is and how to distingish between the RPGs and the Action RPGs (hint, it has everything to do with wether you directly control a character in at least somewhat real time combat or control a whole party with indirect commands.)

Dark Souls isn't an RPG. It's an action game, with some mechanics overlayed that allow for roleplaying if that's what you want to do. That's not a slight against it, btw.

Fextralife452d ago

Well clearly a lot of people enjoy talking about it, if the amount of submissions we get on the subject is any indication :P
This one was quite well-written so I enjoyed it :)

bluefox755452d ago

Depends how you define RPG. It has levels, stat points, gear, spells and abilities, items. It's absolutely an ARPG. No one should call it a "souls genre". This article is just someone that really likes Dark Souls, so much so that they think it deserves it's own genre. All of the things he listed are already variations within the RPG genre and have nothing to do with defining a genre.

Sciurus_vulgaris452d ago

I think Dark Souls is an Action-RPG, but it isn't as quest heavy as games like the Witcher, Fallout and Mass Effect. I personally, thought the genre of Action-RPG was pretty well defined. Unlike Action-Adventure, which seems to a be a catch all genre.

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