No Man’s Sky: A Year in Review

Hello Game's No Man's Sky has been featured prominently in gaming news and user reviews, but how does it fare a year down the line from the First Reviews? Lich180 at Fextralife checks out how the developer has replied to fan feedback

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-GreenRanger334d ago

No Man's Sky, aka the game that charged full price for half a game, lowered the price significantly shortly after launch, then delivered some of the content that should've been in the game at launch...a whole year late. This is one of the very worst handled games in recent history.

C-H-E-F333d ago

I think the game should be re-reviewed, I mean I liked it since day one gave it personally it 7/10 but now it's around a 8.5 atleast. Judging it for what it is, not comparing it to any other game, it's a damn good exploration game that just lasts forever lOl.

Fextralife333d ago

That is what a lot of people feel. I understand the initial disappointment but if a developer spends time fixing things and gets it right it's in the interest of everyone to give it a second look :)