Should Microsoft Delay the Xbox One X?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "At this year’s E3, Microsoft lifted the veil on the world’s most powerful console with the reveal of the Xbox One X. And since that faithful day in June gamers have been waiting with bated breath to get their hands on a system with that much under the hood. But what’s a game console worth if there are no games to play on it? And with this week’s announcement that Crackdown 3 would be delayed to the spring of 2018 it begs the questions – should Microsoft delay the Xbox One X and launch it when they have game’s available to show off its unprecedented levels of power?"

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PhoenixUp360d ago

Yeah after all this hype they should just delay this iterative console 😑

darthv72360d ago

If they did then it would be better to just call it the Xbox Too. A real next gen console that played XBO games as well as it's own. Hence the name "Too"

But they would need to revamp that CPU a bit more to something more fitting of a 9th gen system. GPU seems fine though.

MegamanXXX359d ago

That might be a good idea especially if they make only One X exclusives

LP-Eleven359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

The GPU would also need work. It's relatively powerful for an 8th generation console, but for next? Nah. I'd expect something with considerably more prowess.

CoryHG359d ago

They cant do that. They need something for e3. Thatll be the nextbox. Bc ms loves spitting in the face of its fanbase. The all streaming always online nextbox will be backwards compatible though and come preloaded with minecraft!

Skull521359d ago

Author obviously doesn't know that it plays 100% of Xbox One games, a good amount of 360 games and soon to be original Xbox titles as well.

shaggy2303359d ago

"But they would need to revamp that CPU a bit more to something more fitting of a 9th gen system. GPU seems fine though"

If they did it would delayed until roughly 2019/2020, you really think that's the best thing to do?

Captain_Tom359d ago

It should have been called XBOX 2, cost $399, and launched with several ACTUAL exclusives. But instead it's just an overpriced overclocked PS4 Pro launching a year late.

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goken359d ago

what's the point of delaying?
1) all the xb exclusives don't look great anyway except forza7, and that's releasing this year.
2) it would look sooo bad to delay now.
3) even if delayed there would still be no better exclusives
4) anyway i think the purpose for the x1x is to be best visuals (marginally) for 3rd party games.

zackeroniii359d ago

they should delay it...permanently....forever... .

3-4-5359d ago

* I mean I'd be buying it to play Destiny 2 & Anthem on it mainly and COD:WW2 if that ends up being any good.

Those games will all look a bit better on it and I have a 4K TV as well too so I can take advantage of that feature too.

For me it makes sense, but trade in value for XB1 at Gamestop is only $100, so I'd rather keep my XB1 and have two Xboxes the new main one being the XB1X.

It should hold me over and be future proof until the next gen with then new Xbox & PS5 in a few years.

* I think it's fine to release now but I honestly wouldn't have made this if I were in charge. I would have just focused on creating a more powerful consumer friendly Xbox than the PS5 will be.

mark_parch359d ago

I want to play shadow of war, assassins creed origins, battlefront 2, gears 4, horizon 3, rise of the tomb raider and motorsport 7 with the 1X enhancements so no don't delay it release it as soon as poss

UnHoly_One358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

The author of this article and about 75% of N4G commenters apparently forget about the existence of multiplatform games.

It's a new disease that seems to be spreading like crazy, I call it multiplat dysphoria. People seem to think that such a game just plain does not exist at all. There is just no such thing as a multiplat game, and you're stupid for thinking that there is.

Listen, I get it. Xbox doesn't have a ton of games that aren't also on Playstation. We all understand that.

But who effing cares!!!??

I have a PS4 and will hopefully upgrade to a Pro this fall if they have some deals. I can play any PS game that I want to play. But I prefer the Xbox system for everything else. I'd rather play Destiny 2, Shadow of War, and AC: Origins on Xbox, ok???

I'm not hurting you by doing that, and I don't care if you all play those games on PS4. None of that matters to me. I just want to play on Xbox because I like the Xbox controller and systems better.

So how about you guys do what you like, let us Xbox fans do what we like, and we can all live happily ever after?

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chrisx360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

That would be foot shooting with a grenade launcher to a feet alrdy riddled with self shots

PiNkFaIrYbOi360d ago

Not like it is going to get any better really even if they delayed it. Probably make it worse really.

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