Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Already Sold Out On Amazon

ThisGenGaming says "The Project Scorpio Special Edition of the Xbox One X is already sold out on most Amazon sites (UK, US, German). So I wouldn't sit too long on Pre-ordering one."

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WePlayDirty213d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if the stock was artificially low to make it seem like it's in demand.

bloodyspasm213d ago

Yeah, this is something that always gets mentioned for Nintendo Consoles, but in this case it's a Limited Edition. they can't just make more of them without pissing the early birds off...

FITgamer213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Obviously low stock. It literally sold out in on Amazon US in less than 15 minutes.

dcbronco213d ago

I'm sure they had several hundred thousand. I bet there are four or five million world wide. So just admit it's selling well.

OffRoadKing213d ago


lol, I bet you're wrong. Pre-orders for a very limited stock of a special edition that's not even available until November and already making outrageous claims like "its selling well", come on guy be serious. smh

MegamanXXX213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Let's see if it can catch up to Nintendo Switch in sales

sd11213d ago

@dcbronco. I would be surprised if they made more than a million of these consoles for launch. I could even see them releasing as few as 500,000 worldwide. This would explain it selling out instantly. Also MS could still release a standard version of the Xbox X for launch day once this has sold out worldwide.

For me it doesn't matter, my order is complete and I have it reserved day 1.

FITgamer213d ago

@dcbronco Microsoft already said they were expecting to ship 500K world wide by the end of the year. Not sure where you're getting the is 4-5 million nonsense.

213d ago
Rude-ro213d ago

Ummm Xbox one day one edition had the same articles and almost took a year to sell out.
Just saying.

Wallstreet37212d ago

DC bronco said....

4 to 5 million ww lol gtfo here omg some ppl here just wow.

indysurfn212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

This is a REAL artificially low stock. Microsoft does not use the same NAND memory chips as the new IPHONE so they are not having a hard time increasing production to double. Nintendo had over 2 million availible for day one, they had too otherwise they could not sell over 2 million at launch.

When Sony PS4 launched it ran out of stock, on the other hand people where LYING and saying you could not find a xbox one. But a week later after xbox one launched PS4 launched and it sold 2 million copies! And you really could not find it just sitting there on shelves for months because just like SWITCH is now they was flying off the shelf faster than Sony could produce them. it took about 3-4 months for Sony to catch up.

dcbronco212d ago

X is listed at number 63 on Amazon for the year. No way that's a couple of thousand units. It has to be a couple of hundred thousand. So even if Amazon sold 200,000. Best Buy, WalMart and EB will do the same. Other stores will push it over a million in the US alone. So I'd bet there were 2 million low estimate world wide.

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Abash213d ago

They only allowed you to preorder the Scorpio edition, which they said was extremely limited

Cy212d ago

It's amazing how many people don't understand this.

Evoluti0n212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

This is incorrect. Amazon had the regular Xbox One X 1TB version up which is what I initially preordered. 10 mins, or so, later the Project Scorpio version populated. I had to cancel my preorder for the regular version, go back in to my account and preorder the Project Scorpio version since they are limiting 1 Xbox One X per customer/account.

Kribwalker213d ago

I went in to my local EBgames and preordered an hour after they went live. They said each store was getting 10. I was number 8

Kribwalker213d ago

And my buddy just texted me, he got the last one

dcbronco213d ago

If anyone works for Gamestop how does 10 compare to normal launch availability? I don't think that's super low. I seem to remember low twenties being the norm.

The 10th Rider213d ago


I know my local Wal-Mart only got about 5-10 Switches at launch, however my local Best Buy got like 90 or something. That's the best info I've got on launch numbers.

It would also all depend on area and the size of the stores though. My local Gamestop is just a small store in a strip mall so they probably got fewer Switches at launch than the massive Best Buy. A small, mall Best Buy might have only gotten 5 while a large, city, superstore Wal Mart could have gotten dozens.

The 10th Rider213d ago

Too late to edit, but I thought I'd add: Those are in store numbers on launch day, pre-order numbers would also obviously be smaller than launch day shipments.

modelgod213d ago

EB games is still around?

Chevalier213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I can confirm the pathetically low stock for our preorders. 10 sounds about right for a smaller store.

" If anyone works for Gamestop how does 10 compare to normal launch availability? I don't think that's super low. I seem to remember low twenties being the norm."

My Switch Launch had close to 200 units. So you might want to scale back your comments about 4-5 million. This is pathetically low. My cities stores COMBINED allocations of the Xbox One X won't even come close to what my store did ALONE for the recent Switch launch.

indysurfn212d ago

Lets see, there are 4,434 gamestops in the USA if they average 10 a store that is 443,400 xbox one x's sold at just gamestop alone. Do you actually believe that that many presold at one chain? Not including the bestbuys, or walmarts, and many other department store chains?

I think not because MATH.

BeOpenMinded212d ago

Best buy was sold out and two gamestops in new orleans is as well. I was able to ask how many the gamestops sold and they said they only had 10 to start. For a larger city in u.s. it is a paltry number

Chevalier212d ago


" Lets see, there are 4,434 gamestops in the USA if they average 10 a store that is 443,400 xbox one x's sold at just gamestop alone. Do you actually believe that that many presold at one chain? Not including the bestbuys, or walmarts, and many other department store chains?

I think not because MATH."

Do less surfing and go back to school. This might shock you, but, 4434 Gamestop with 10 units average is actually 44, 340. So you were making this big point and failed miserably. Since math isn't your strong suit you might want to stop embarrassing yourself any further. So my point stands based on allocations its looking pretty terrible.

indysurfn211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

OMG I made my first math mistake. I'm sure I'm not good at math because of that. I have to be the first person on earth that added one extra zero while doing math in his head after all. Anyway My mistake on the math. OPS!

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Thatguy-310213d ago

like the xbox one day one editions that were still sold years after the release lol

itsmebryan213d ago

Or maybe it is in demand and your bias won't let you believe it?

WePlayDirty213d ago

Demand of Xbox users wanting to upgrade? Sure.

Dark_Knightmare2213d ago

Truthfully this isn't anything special all new console preorders when they go up sell out. It's the following month or two after launch that truly tells the story of how a console is doing

Neonridr213d ago

and how many Pro users were existing PS4 users? I would like to believe quite a few of us Pro owners had a PS4 prior. I know I did.

213d ago
pinkcrocodile75213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I ordered mine from straight away.

@Khalnaayak don't be stupid.

WE have both Xbox One and PS4 (well my hubby does) so we are getting Forza 7, Cuphead, Wolfenstein II and Assassins Creed:Origins on Xbox One and Uncharted 5 (whatever) on PS4 Pro.

This Year all of the Multi plats we bought on Xbox One but we did get Horizon and Crash Bandicoot on PS4. The Japanese Games are a no go for us, just "meh"

All we cared about was getting the Xbox One X on 7th November, we've pre-ordered, so "Job Done"

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GamingIVfun213d ago

I ordered mine from Walmart about a half an hour ago (7:30 pm), gamestop still had pre orders available.

GamingIVfun213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

9:43 pm eastern, Walmart and Gamestop still have pre orders available for the Scorpio edition. Target has them for pre order also.

I think Amazon and Best Buy are rationing pre orders to create demand.

GamingIVfun212d ago

Still available a, Walmart and Gamestop sold out early this morning 8/21/2017 around 15 or so hours after the pre order announcement. It would seem the excitement for the system wasn't as high for the very limited Scorpio Edition as it was say for the NES classic or the Nintendo Switch where initial pre orders sold out very quickly.

Don't know what the down votes are for, just giving truthful and accurate information.

0Day213d ago

I preordered mine on Amazon.

213d ago
ImGumbyDammit213d ago

@Khalnaayak How's living under the bridge working out for you? Still looking for some children to eat?

rainslacker213d ago

Xbox one launch day edition sold out on amazon the first day as well.

Obscure_Observer213d ago


"Xbox one launch day edition sold out on amazon the first day as well."

Well, that was a full next gen console release. For a console which according some n4g members is "too expensive" , has "no games" or "no appealing exclusives", Xbox One X is doing quite fine i think. ;)

Chevalier213d ago


Its not as great as you think. You have literally no idea of the scale to even make such a comment. The preorder amounts stores we were given are pathetic. Just to give you an idea of how bad it is. Its not even a quarter of what my store did at launch for the Switch. My store had about 200 Switch systems ready at launch. My cities 9 stores COMBINED allotment of the X won't even come ANYWHERE close to what my store ALONE did for the Switch at launch. That's how bad the numbers we got are. Its shockingly bad. So no that based on 8 years of launches and the most recent Switch launch to compare.

rainslacker212d ago

Never said it was doing poorly, but being sold out doesn't mean much without knowing how many they had in the first place. If we knew that, then at least we could extrapolate some estimation of day one sales. Besides, this is just the launch day edition according to the article, which they said would be in limited supply anyhow.

ONESHOTV2213d ago

wow Xbox can't get any good new on this site do they lol

81BX213d ago

No, but it's to be expected

213d ago
jokerisalive213d ago

Or maybe a lot of people actually want one.

vegasgamerdawg213d ago

You can always tell a person that know nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about economics. MS wants less pre orders in order to sell more consoles? lol. They're trying to create a artificial demand for pre orders? WTF? Complete babbling fanBOY rationalizing. I guarantee you MS finding out how much their box is in demand is much more valuable than your fantasy of incompetence. Why did I come to the comment section on N4G? WHY?

kevinsheeks213d ago

I just sit in the background watching them go into their wild fantasies

Obscure_Observer213d ago


Well said. It's weird to think that the fact of an iterative console doing well on sales is driving some people mad around here. I think this was supposed to be good news for console gamers all around but, you know, you can´t please everyone no matter how hard you try.

Chevalier213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

No actually for once I agree the numbers are pretty pathetic. I already posted my comparison of how bad based on my stores preorder allotment compared to the Switch at Launch. It's pretty terrible. And yes I do know for a FACT. I have worked EVERY system launch for the last 8 years. I saw my allotment today when we started taking preorders and it is extremely low.

BeOpenMinded212d ago

True. I could have guessed what I would have seen and verbatim replicated those comments just on past experience out of fun. I'm going to try to preorder tonight and see where that goes

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Obscure_Observer213d ago

Lol. Looks like MS made some lives a little more miserable.

213d ago
sd11213d ago

Or even that they released a limited edition console and decided to limit the number of consoles available, which would therefore make it a limited edition.

dcbronco213d ago

Can someone provide a link to this 500k statement? Appreciate it.

2600Thunder213d ago

Marketing teams - especially at MS - always implement inventory/service restrictions (one aspect of a very common marketing 101 practice) if it can induce product excitement/loyalists and unavailability anxiety. Seems to be working. When another burst of small stock hits retailers then people on the fence won't hesitate.

This plus sleazy scalpers and it is not just on gaming consoles. Mobile and GPU markets get it too.

Kind of makes grabbing brand new HW a pain unless you sit online watching and waiting like a crackhead. I missed the boat because I took the wife to an early dinner and a summer movie after and when I had a chance to check the xbonexs preorders were all sold out. I wanted to secure a one but no biggie since I am finding in my old age that games need to be there for me and my kids. I have a top end PC so whats the point of an xbonex?

ajax17213d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees. Companies do that bs all the time.

LastCenturyRob213d ago

The Scorpio is still available at BestBuy as of writing this. Amazon sells out so quickly because just about everyone has prime.

modelgod213d ago! It's the fact that it's a limited edition console, plain and simple!

Chevalier213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Actually it is ridiculously low. Seems MS are not going get much of a launch. My store just received our allotments and honestly its pretty pathetic. Its not even a quarter of what we got for our Switch release. Lets put it this way all the allotments for ALL the stores in my city (9 stores) COMBINED is less than what my store did ALONE for the Switch at launch!
Just to give you an idea how pathetic these numbers are. I have worked every system launch for the last 8 years and I can honestly say this is absolutely the most pathetic allotment we've been offered. I am not sure what MS is thinking for this launch at all.


In your dreams! I have seen the allotment and was shocked how bad it was. I am guessing a million units worldwide. Wow just looking at the numbers I saw for my preorders and its nothing of the sort.

HRoach616213d ago

No this is essentially a "Day 1" edition. I ordered mine from my friend who works at EB Games, Canada's GameStop, and they only got a certain number of them per store. So it is actually a limited edition just for this project Scorpio version. There will be plenty of regular editions upon release.

AngelicIceDiamond213d ago

There you go spin it into some BS excuse. Because Its some how inhumane for an Xbox console to gain interest and actually sell out.

CaptainObvious878213d ago

I really hate headlines like this.

Unless we have numbers "selling out" means absolutely nothing. Absolutely. Nothing.

Ausbo213d ago

Only Nintendo does that. Microsoft usually has plenty of stock on their launches

Mbofa6om213d ago

But, if sony do the same, fanboyz will say "Ooohhhhh my gooooosh, this is unbelievable" 😂

UnHoly_One212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Yes, and everyone would say "greatness awaits" 39 times.


kevnb212d ago

its a special edition, if the supply isnt low then what is the point?

Atanasrikard212d ago

It's a "Limited Edition". Of course the stock is low, otherwise it wouldn't be a "Limited Edition." Take the fanboy blinders off already.

subtenko212d ago

wow, the people that disagree with you....I can tell companies like those types of people. Companies just screaming give us your money!

Yes thats right, consume consume, buy more, give your money, buy buy buy, hype! XD