Should Square Enix Release Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One

The game was a resounding success and spawned a variety of sequels, prequels, and spinoffs, though there’s one game that fans of the series have been discussing quite a bit lately: Kingdom Hearts 3. Naturally, at E3 2013, when it was confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 was officially in development, the fans went wild. What made the announcement even better was that the game would be the first main installment of the series to be released on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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Deep-throat362d ago

They should and they should release it on PC and Switch

Genkins362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

disney movies always had a wide fanbase to begin with.

Araragifeels 362d ago

PC may actually happen since PC community started to really love Japanese games but for Switch, it depends if it capable to run or Square Enix decision to release

inxine360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

i agree with pc, switch... well it depends if SE takes time to optimise the game for it or not.

WePlayDirty362d ago

They should only release it on Ps4... KH 1 and 2 were only on PS... 3 should keep that tradition.

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ninsigma362d ago

Well they've promised it now so it would be pretty shitty of them not to.

FallenAngel1984362d ago

Square Enix is releasing KH3 on XO because the game has too big a budget to be a PS4 exclusive

Neonridr362d ago

yep.. they need to make back as much of that money as possible. Even if KH won't sell well in Japan for MS, it will still move some units in the rest of the world. Obviously not as many copies as the PS4 will move, but every dollar counts to Square Enix.

DillyDilly361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Im guessing this wont make as much as Square thinks on non Sony systems since this is a huge story across multiple games & new gamers playing this for the first time wont understand it

zuul9018361d ago

@therandomone you think SE will just throw newcomers into it without any explanation?
Its really not that complex of a story either, yes there's some deep fan lore, but its basically just retelling disney movies with a "darkness" that takes over the "bad guy".
Jafar, scar, mulan bad dude, i mean you already know the story. Wanna wager Sid sides with the "heartless"
As for selling the most on playstation.... duh? Theres more playstions sold that xboxs..... kingdom hearts also originated on playstation.... but good job predicting itll sell more than on xbox.
Some real Negrodamus powers you guys have.

shaggy2303360d ago

"Im guessing this wont make as much as Square thinks on non Sony systems since this is a huge story across multiple games & new gamers playing this for the first time wont understand it"

Using that logic Metal Gear 5 shouldn't have been on the Xbox One.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago


I think they also had this in development before PS4 and XONE released, how were they to really know that XONE would not sell that great?

They are right to keep that version coming as they are too deep in anyway.

PhoenixUp362d ago

"Looking back at the various games of the series, it’s easy to see who the Kingdom Hearts series is aimed at: children."

Kingdom Hearts appeals to various demographics besides primarily children thanks to the influence its source material provides.

The Disney brand hasn't been so successful because they aimed only for children, but because they aimed for all ages. Many Disney films are appreciated by adults as much as children.

The Final Fantasy series is one of the first RPG franchises to find great success across age, gender and national barriers in the worldwide market.

Not to mention Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi stepped in to advise Tetsuya Nomura that he felt the game would be a failure if the story did not aspire to be just as great as one of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy titles. Nomura took these words to heart(heh) and set out to create an epic story on the level of an adult Japanese RPG that ended up hooking older generations on the game as well that just happened to feature Disney characters to also appeal to a younger audience.

badz149361d ago

I would like to meet a child that can understand the over-convoluted plot of KH

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