Watch Major Nelson Unbox the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Major Nelson takes gamers through the special console, which begins on the outside with branding that calls to mind the original Xbox from over a decade ago.

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CrimsonWing69276d ago

The gloves, keepin' it classy there, Larry.

JaguarEvolved275d ago

He needs to unbox some Xbox exclusive games

Deathdeliverer275d ago

That shit was so funny I had to log in 😂😂😂

Genuine-User275d ago

It's a beautiful machine. I'm definitely buying one, just not on launch.

masterfox276d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kane22275d ago

you mean watch him already have the system out lol

TheUndertaker85275d ago

Looks good. Hopefully we see more "limited edition" Xbox One X designs in the future. I like the touches to the Project Scorpio edition but a flip version being Xbox green would be amazing to see.

It's amazing to me Microsoft was able to upgrade their system so substantially yet keep the smaller form factor of the Xbox One S. Particularly with all the VCR jokes about the original Xbox One compared to PS4 yet next to PS4 Pro the One X boasts a much more aesthetic look. Cleaner looking, smaller, and not so awkwardly shaped.

B1uBurneR275d ago

I hate this about him. Leave things like this for the fans. Nobody cares if the corporate head unbox their own products. This trend was started by the people for the people. Leave it to us. This kills the excitement when he or any other corporate head does it. This is more fitting for the fans.

TheUndertaker85275d ago

Those fans can then get a closer look and hands on when they get theirs. Until then this is to wet the appetite.

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The story is too old to be commented.