Xbox One X Will Let You Transfer Settings and Games from your Xbox One

Microsoft announced how Xbox One owners will be able to transfer settings and games from their old console to their brand new Xbox One X.

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bloodyspasm246d ago

I'm pretty excited about this announcement!

TFJWM245d ago

It is a great move that is their biggest market.

richierich246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Didnt they say that Xbox One X enhanced updates only download on the Xbox One X console its self dosent that mean that I still have to download the 100GB Forza 7 patch on day one on the main Xbox One X console?

Spitfire911245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Incorrect. There is a slide during Mike Ybarra's segment that clearly states "Download 4K content for your installed games ahead of time. Then plug in your external storage device or transfer them over your home network."

So you can have the updates installed and ready to be prepared for when the Xbox One X is released.

Also, the 4K features are not a 100GB patch. The entire game comes out to 100gb with the 4K features.

Aenea245d ago

Would be weird if they wouldn't allow this...

r3f1cul245d ago

ummm well yea ... it would be the most ludicrous and not to mention pointless thing ever if you couldnt O.o