Xbox One Leaked Project 'Codename Hollywood' Is Halo Wars 2 DLC

Halo series producer kills the rumor for a new Xbox One game.

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Nyxus116d ago

lol. Luckily my expectations were low.

AspiringProGenji116d ago

lotta crushed dreams I'll see here

Obscure_Observer116d ago


When comes to big events like Gamescom, is only natural to expect some announcements about new games.

Sony will not hold a press conference at Gamescom but, there´s PGW, TGS and PSX. We as gamers only can hope they will announce new exciting games. Are they gonna do it? Remains to be seen.

TheColbertinator116d ago


lol well done. I need to take notes.

letsa_go116d ago

@TheColbertinator It is basically two parts. Part one, you gotta make up excuses and defend the company in the question. Part two, deflect and spin it in an attempt to make the rival companies look bad.

FITgamer116d ago

@Obscure_Observer Zero doubt they'll announce new games at both TGS and PSX. Not sure about PGW.

Ashlen116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I don't know why people keep thinking there are secret games after E3. Heck Phil basically told them he only had recently signed new games (if it's even true, Phil always seems to say that then never has anything to show) and that those game won't be ready for 2 to 3 years. But w/e the xbox mantra is "wait till the next show".

trumpwonstopcrying116d ago

i already said in another thread that the game was cancelled and people thought i was trolling

i just like to have the all the facts ready unlike most people who blindly post without knowledge

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Vandamme21116d ago

Halo Wars 2 ODLC

When do we get Halo 5 ODLC?

Relientk77116d ago

That sucks lol

thought we'd finally see a new game or IP

2600Thunder116d ago

Yeah their show was all talk as usual.

frostypants115d ago

That's way too cool a code name for something like this.

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richierich116d ago

As an Xbox fan I would rather if MicroSoft would drop Halo Wars and go back to the Halo first person shooter games I know that there are a lot Halo first person shooter games released already but they do sell a lot of copies compared to Halo Wars I dont know if the Halo fanbase cares as much for strategy games.

DevilishSix116d ago

RTS games are a niche genre, so I agree.

InTheLab116d ago

Halo with Chief exclusively or ODST 2

XiNatsuDragnel116d ago

Lower expectations now thanks. 😭

AnotherProGamer116d ago

I think he is lying to deflect away from it, no developer gives codenames to their DLC and the listing was for a full retail price game on a blu ray disc

EddieNX 116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


Obscure_Observer116d ago

A dlc costing a full game price? Strange...

Anyway, maybe a was been too optimistic

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The story is too old to be commented.