BioWare General Manager Wants to Work on Mass Effect Again in the Future

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson isn't keen on abandoning the Mass Effect series after the discontinuation of Mass Effect Andromeda's single player support.

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Summons75480d ago

Well like we've been saying since ME3. Make it more like ME1 and you are golden but nooo Bioware wants to ignore fans and you get Andromeda.

LAWSON72480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Not being like ME1 was not the problem, if anything what they said was true they aimed for it to be like ME1. Fact is though making it like ME1 does not make it any less of an unpolished mess

Armaggedon480d ago

Ummm... thats what they tried to do. Incompetence asude, thats why its a game about exploration in the first place.

Summons75479d ago

They certainly did not. Andromeda was NOTHING like ME1 or even ME3, it was a pile of trash that only shared the name. If you think it was like 1 then you clearly have never played ME1 before.

Armaggedon479d ago

I didn't say it was like it, I said it was what they were trying to do. They did listen, doesnt mean they were going to execute it right.

The_Sage480d ago

Mass Effect 3 was the best in the series despite the ending and not being able to put your gun away. As a matter of fact, I loved the ending when I finished my first passthrough. I chose to destroy the Reapers, which lined up with the way I had played all 3 games and the ending fit perfectly. It wasn't until I went online the next day that I encountered all the winey birches crying.

Armaggedon480d ago

The ending was amazing, it just went over everyones head. And no, it was not just a theory, but Bioware had to retcon it because everyone was angry for virtually no reason.

The_Sage479d ago

I do understand that people wanted something more unique to their story, but I can't see how that could have been done. If they had only checked out the ending that they chose, and not went back to watch the other two immediately they would not have been so upset.

Armaggedon479d ago

Yeah, people at times have an unreal expectation. They were expecting different outcomes, but really,what could they have done? In the face of the overwhelming strength of the reapers,there arent many things different that can be done with the endings. Not the mebtion the sheere number of different choices people made. No way.

Tross480d ago

I'd love for Bioware to give the series another shot if they can figure out why fans loved the original trilogy and weren't so fond of Andromeda.

DanteVFenris666480d ago

To be fair it was a completely different team. The original team probably would have knocked out socks off

lociefer480d ago

Drop open world, focus on story/ story missions/ more alien species/ ironing bugs

jagermaster619480d ago

The problem was they spent years trying to do something similar to no man's sky (procedurally generated planets) but it didn't work out so they had to scrap the idea and start over. I enjoyed the game but it definitely had issues!
I personally think they shouldn't give up on the series, they just need to focus on where they went wrong and make sure they learned from their mistakes.