I'm Glad I Waited To Really Play 'No Man's Sky'

Forbes: "Oh, adolescence. That fumbling stretch of painful, pre-adulthood eternity filled with awkward first kisses, greasy skin and that embarrassing haircut you deliberately paraded out in public. In public, man. Had you no shame? What matters, though, is that it’s not an endless gauntlet, but instead a passing phase. As in temporary. Beautifully finite, at least for most. The years (and the overflowing cringe) pass, we grow up a little bit and if we’re really lucky, valuable lessons are learned in the process. I’d wager that no game can relate better than No Man’s Sky—the rubber-banded braces are off, the Axe Body Spray is in the garbage and Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’ isn’t on constant damned repeat."

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Bismarn245d ago

I'm even gladder that I'm waiting indefinitely.

Szychan245d ago

I try to play it with every patch . but I end up leaving it for next update to see what has changed.
Don't get me wrong . I love the universe the idea behind the game but being stuck in such big universe, I expect more.
More posibilities more encounters and also more teamwork(multiplayer).
I feel like there should be more work put into it. I know... it is an exploration game and some ppl just love it some just get bored . Also NMS is dealing with big failure at the start, and probably still will be . Hard to get back players after what happened. But having said that. it could be converted into something that I would get back for sure.
more hostile creatures. For sure more races. such big galaxy and You are stuck with just few ?...
if NMS will still be supported in rate that it is currently.... it will be too little in too long time period.
But I will surely stick around to see what will happen in the future.