Are eSports a Real Sport And Should We Treat It Like That?

Professional athletes commit a big part of their lives to training, they spend most of their day on training, improving their game and working on their skills with hardly any breaks. Sounds familiar?

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OoglyBoogly363d ago

I think we just need to take "sports" out of the name and quit pretending that it is an actual sport.

Not saying they shouldn't have some rules and regulations, as do all competitive events. But not all competitive events are sports.

Yes these people train and play long and hard, just like athletes, but people train for stuff all the damn time. You don't think a seamstress practices their craft of sewing and the like all the time? Is that now a sport?

Hmm...interesting thought either way.

zuul9018363d ago

You sir are spot on. Professional Gamers or something, but not athletes (idk maybe some are i dont watch so havent seen all of them) and not a sport.

sloth3395363d ago

you don't call poker sports and games shouldn't be called sports

MasterChief3624363d ago


Listen, I love videogames. I will defend them all the live long day. I will even hold up my shield and defend them as art (suck it, Ebert... RIP, though, bro). But no. eSports are not real sports. Is it about mental fortitude? And stamina? Then reading and analyzing Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace should be considered a sport.

I honestly believe it is just a way for gamers to finally prove that they are, in fact, "athletes", even though the general stereotype is that gamers are the exact opposite of that. But eSports competitors are not athletes on a physical level.

The thing that has been bothering me most about eSports lately is that they are pushing for competitions of games like FIFA. Are you kidding me? I can understand competing with Street Fighter and Call of Duty, because they are not grounded in reality. But the idea of someone competing in a digital FIFA tournament and calling themselves a FIFA player... bleck. Makes me cringe all over.