Uncharted The Lost Legacy Reveal Trailer vs Retail PS4 Pro 4K Graphics Comparison

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is a pure masterpiece in terms of graphics for sure, but let’s have a look on how the game evolved since its very first gameplay reveal shown during PlayStation Experience 2016.
There are some slight differences in which you might be interested.

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jc12275d ago

I know people on this website will freak out...but this is most certainly a downgrade. The lightning simply isnt as good in the retail version.

On the whole, the game still looks good, though.

Valenka275d ago

Very disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are still gorgeous and excellent, but I don't understand why Naughty Dog, of all people, would advertise one thing and deliver something else. Textures aren't as detailed, the lighting has been reduced, Chloe is no longer wearing a hijab, lots of little details were downgraded. It's a shame, but at least it still looks great and will still be an enjoyable experience.

Nyxus275d ago

I think the hijab was just to conceal her for the reveal trailer.

Pantz275d ago

it's concealing her ass for that part :(

cyckiewicz275d ago

I thought the same, though they could leave that in retail.

Kabaneri275d ago

Good thing they removed it, a woman's hair is a beautiful thing that should not be hidden just because of insecure men.

Valenka275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Yeah, it was just to conceal her for the trailer, but I thought it was a nice inclusion and I'm a little sad to see it gone. It's a cultural thing.

OffRoadKing275d ago

Doubtful, more likely removed so as to not offended anyone.

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Imalwaysright275d ago

I'm not sure what's the surprise. This is not the 1st time that ND did this but to be fair pretty much every developer is guilty of doing this.

LP-Eleven275d ago

Can you explain what textures aren't as detailed, lighting changes (where), and what other "little details" are changed? Because, all I saw was a hijab that was removed (which is an artistic difference, not a technical one).

I_am_Batman275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

00:00...: Dust is missing.

00:04...: Shadows from the window latticework missing, Volumetric lighing from the backlight of the car is weaker. More NPCs were added, Some clothes look different, Flying paper was added.

00:09-00:30: Lighting was changed (as in many of the following scenes I won't point it out everytime), Clothes are different again, Chloe's animations were changed, The flicker of the light was added at the same time as some debris is falling from the roof now, Another flying paperpiece was added.

00:57...: Different poster on the wall. When Chloe climbs under the fence she ends up in a completely different looking alleayway (All Hinduism? symbols have been removed) which isn't as dark as it was in the reveal.

01:04...: Dudes in the background have different animations, Building on the right side in the background has been removed (possibly due to reduced draw distance).

1:27...: Dirt on her hands is missing. The whole event is happening 8 minutes later than in the reveal. When she goes downstairs a cardboard box has been added on the right side.

1:35...: broken wall was added. Lighting and shadows are different, a puddle has been added. When she jumps down the reflection of her shoes look different (probably due to the different lighting), her leg animation was changed (look at her left knee), her face in the reveal is wet from the jump into the puddle. In the reveal you can see the hijab moving in the breeze, It's still 8 minutes later.

1:50...: Different NPCs.

LP-Eleven275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Yeah, most of those aren't "downgrades". The only things that have been removed are some of the shadows. Otherwise, it's hyperbole at best.

I_am_Batman275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

I didn't say they are downgrades. You asked for someone to point out the changes because the only thing you've noticed is the missing hijab. I've literally listed a bunch of things that have been added that weren't there in the reveal trailer.

LP-Eleven275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Did you actually read his post?

"lots of little details were downgraded".

We're talking downgrades, not additions.

I_am_Batman275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Yeah I read his comment. I understand you wanted Valenka to point out the downgrades he was talking about but since your comment sounded like you didn't see any changes at all besides the hijab I decided to list some of the changes I noticed. It's not always a straight downgrade or upgrade. It's usually it's a mix of both. This is a normal process while optimising a game.

LP-Eleven275d ago

I know it isn't always a "downgrade" (in fact, it's rarely a downgrade and OFTEN artistic changes - this gen has turned "downgrade" into a generic term), but, again, his comment didn't just mention "changes". Hence, my inquiry.

I'd appreciate hearing from him, though.

jc12275d ago

its clear as day the volumetric lighting has been scaled way back. Anyone that claims this is not a downgrade is being ridiculous.

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mike32UK275d ago

"Not wearing a Hijab" hahaha that's not a downgrade that's either a design choice or more likely was just used to conceal what the game was during the announcement

Valenka275d ago

No one said it was a downgrade. Pay attention.

LP-Eleven275d ago

@ Valenka: Please don't try to patronize people. The jest of your comment is that there were downgrades.

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windblowsagain275d ago

No downgrade.Just place holders. Many things change during production, just like films. Nothing is set in stone.

SouljAx360275d ago

Graphics are great, beautiful even. With that said...I get that they want to show off those facial animations but I thought the original outfit made more sense.

UCForce275d ago

I think it was more about surprise everyone.

crazysapertonight275d ago (Edited 275d ago )


Very disappointing taking into account that this is DLC for already optimized PS4 game

OffRoadKing275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

What a lackluster trolling effort. Very disappointing indeed.

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