Just Go Back to No Man’s Sky…it’s Worth it

No explanation is needed for the history of the release of No Man’s Sky; the time has come and gone. A year later, though, No Man’s Sky is closer than ever to the game it promised to be and revisiting a universe has never been so worth it.

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Nice to hear that, I ill definitely try this game!

MilkMan333d ago

Nah, maybe in another lifetime.

killagram333d ago

James Mieleke? Anyways the game has definitely redeemed itself. It was clearly an unfinished product before the latest update with an incomplete story line. With the latest 1.32 patch it's definitely a more comprehensible experience with incredible graphics and deeper game play. Of course there's still room for improvement (more diversity, more planets, different AI on creatures/animals, etc) but if you wanna burn a few months of your life over an incredible piece of technology, give it a shot.

FullmetalRoyale333d ago

Just hold 'square' to initialize.

kevnb333d ago

the game that just wont leave n4g.

madforaday333d ago

Well, a huge patch just came out for the game recently so articles will be coming because of it.

lio_convoy333d ago

Sim Space Mining is still on people's minds? :D I'm so glad I didn't get this one! It's Street Fighter V all over again and I still regret getting that game!

Nodoze332d ago

Lots of hate for this one. I for one find this space exploration sim relaxing and enjoyable. I have not yet checked back after the update but will be doing so later today. Was it the be all end, but it is one of the most relaxing sit back and chill games I have ever played. The music, the visuals, ahhhh. The additional content is purely bonus.