Red Faction 2 PS4 Trophies Are Live, Local Multiplayer Confirmed

Pure PlayStation: Red Faction 2 is set to re-release on the PS4 (via PS2 emulation) and the trophy lists have gone live, in the process revealing that split-screen multiplayer will be included.

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PhoenixUp334d ago

Only rerelease I'm interested in this week are the Jak and Daxter games coming to PS4

Scottyabanks334d ago

Had no idea these were being re released. Are they going to be remasters or just ps2 classics? Either way, would definitely pick up. Been on a ps2 nostalgia kick lately.

PhoenixUp334d ago

Yeah just like Red Faction 2

Scottyabanks334d ago

Let's go! Love this game so much, bought the re-release on PS3. Will definitely add it to my PS4 collection when it comes out. Local multiplayer is awesome. Could Champions 1 and 2 be next? PLEASE!

Cmv38334d ago

champions 2 was amazing. But they were made by SOE so they may have a harder time. We need a champions 3. Co partner with blizzard.