Final Fantasy: 15 Worst Monster Designs In The Series

The Final Fantasy VII fans love to reminisce about Sephiroth and the Weapons, but it has some awful bosses. Here are the worst designs of the series.

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MeteorPanda154d ago

k, not every creature has to look like an awesome dragon.

and hellhouse is amazing. it's found in the slums. that's dark af. In a place where ppl don't have homes there's an evil monster dressed up as a house to lure ppl in.

That's creative you just don't see it :P

Nacho_Z154d ago

Spends the whole article criticising the monsters for not being original enough then has "by far the most unique" enemy in Midgar as number one.

I'll give you the reskinned gold dragon though, you can't just colour a dinosaur gold and call it a dragon.

jugo14153d ago

there was a gold dinosaur in ff15?

Elda154d ago

I agree to some of the designs.

Relientk77154d ago

The Gold Dragon is a dinosaur lol

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