Brook wants to enable players to use the Xbox One controller on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Each console has its own set of controller(s) - Xbox comes with a controller for each console, such as the Xbox One controller, or the Xbox Elite controller if you're after a little more control. Then comes along the PlayStation 4 with its DUALSHOCK controllers, and then the Nintendo Switch with its Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con controllers. But, what happens when you've only got an Xbox One controller but would like to play on another console? Well, you'll either be relying on having a spare controller for the other console lying around somewhere, or having to buy a new controller. What if, instead, you could pick up the Xbox One controller, place an adapter on it, and begin playing on a console of your choice? That's what Brook Design, LLC, is aiming to do with its latest Kickstarter. Called the "X One Adapter", it allows users to place an adapter on the back of their Xbox One controller and enables the ability to use it with other consoles.

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Obscure_Observer274d ago

That would be awesome! I´m in!

Bigpappy274d ago

I might actually consider a PS4 as a second console. But I would have to retrain for button prompts.

Nitrowolf2274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I didn't read much into this but there's already multiple adapters that allow you to do this and I'm even sure there's even Wireless ones out there to.

And they aren't just strictly for One controller you can use the controller on other devices with multiple different controllers, so to me at least this idea seems kind of Dead on Arrival if it's just for the Xbox controller

stuna1274d ago

Please stay where you're at!

Unspoken273d ago

Goes to show how much better the Xbox controller really is.

MegamanXXX274d ago

I actually use the Xbox one elite controller for my PC. It's a great controller and well worth the price.

lptmg274d ago

that'd be great for the Switch

Battlestar23274d ago

Is there a good adapter that will let me use the DS4 for the Xbox One?

InTheZoneAC274d ago

cronusmax plus, about $55-$60 on ebay. Make sure it has a wireless adapter for the usb adapter if you buy used.

You set the configuration on your computer with the software, meaning ps4 to xbox one and you're done. You can play wireless or use a usb cable to the adapter.

Battlestar23274d ago

Awesome thanks InTheZoneAC.

KwietStorm274d ago

Titan One/two, Brook Converter, Cronus Max, XIM4

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The story is too old to be commented.