Psyonix on bringing Rocket League to Switch, port was solidified in April, no answers on voice chat

Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham talks a ton about the Switch version of Rocket League.

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freshslicepizza362d ago

"One of the first questions Psyonix asked Nintendo was about cross-network play. Nintendo said, “whatever you need”."

I wish all companies would just drop the PR shenanigans and talk like this.

ILostMyMind361d ago

Only desperate companies need to do this.

TallonIV361d ago

You do realise Sony is the only company of the big 3 that's in financial trouble?

Neonridr361d ago

yes.. keep telling yourself that

Simmo3D360d ago

By bringing the community together? kek

_-EDMIX-_358d ago

From a company that is struggling to even match online of 2002 XBOX.......

They need to do this because they don't have much of a choice. Look at how many games are not coming to Switch? Have you EVER see this much developers come out and state "Not coming to PS4" or "Not coming to XONE"?

I mean...they are saying "whatever you need" in terms of cross play cause they NEED THE INSTALL BASE, did they say this when they put in 4 gigs of ram and decided to make this a portable instead of a console?

Where was this “whatever you need” then?

Sony and MS did the “whatever you need” with PS4 and XONE and its why they have the all the major 3rd party support.

You wish all companies talked like this sure, but has Nintendo really felt this way regarding working with 3rd party? Is that why we are having developers weekly come out and state "no Switch version planned"?

Talking that way is one thing, do they actually believe that?

I wish all supported cross play too bud, but too bad many didn't feel that way the last several generations were 1 company was pionerring the concept.

yet...when both Nintendo and MS are losing the gen, suddenly lets all come together and share install bases because we are losing market share and have no huge install base like Playstation?


Where was this for the several generations where Sony did it on PS2, PS3, PS Vita and PS4?