Nostalgia isn't doing the gaming industry any favors

The nostalgia bubble is strong right now, but when it bursts, it might harm the industry as a whole.

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PhoenixUp334d ago

I beg to differ

Nostalgia is a huge factor in every medium

PiNkFaIrYbOi334d ago

Don't see the problem with it, especially since the various publishers have even stated that starting this generation that there would be less AAA games released and there has been. Think it will continue on for now on too in the coming generations. Unless something changes drastically it will be the way it is going to be for now on, less AAA games and more mid tier games or even a lot of indie games as well.

Nothing wrong with the remasters, loads of people will buy them and that is why they are being made. If there wasn't a market for them they wouldn't exist.

Miss_Weeboo333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I think Nostalgia is kind of out of control in the movie industry. Every movie they make nowadays is a remake or a reboot or a soft reboot, or the remake of a remake. There's no room for original ideas anymore. Granted, that's not exactly the case of gaming... yet... but still the developers are not taking too much risk with their AAA's, and they're almost always based on well established ip's