In Defence of Xbox One 'Console Exclusives' on PC

— Xbox Enthusiast:

Back in 2016, Microsoft introduced the ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ service. While the announcement was met with a lot of cheering, there were also a lot of snide remarks. Many folks were quick to insist that this announcement would be the death of the Xbox One since it lost its exclusive titles. As someone who’s been enjoying the Xbox Play Anywhere service for the past few months, I don’t really see how it’s a bad thing.

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PhoenixUp213d ago

This level of synergy was why Microsoft felt prompted to create the Xbox brand in the first place

BeOpenMinded212d ago

Yup, I've always wanted more PC integration from the get go. Glad it's moving in that direction. It's actually a card that Microsoft needs to play to stay competitive IMO

OtterX212d ago

But they started as Microsoft Studios already making games for the PC.... before the original XBox came out. So the console was just to bring more exposure, so they could eventually just return to their PC roots?

Fine for me. I've got a great gaming PC. I did own a 360 last gen. I feel better just supporting their software on PC after 3 red ringed systems. I do love some of the games, especially Forza Horizon 3.

lelo2play212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Xbox Play Anywhere is good for PC gamers. They receive Microsoft exclusives on their platform... but it's also bad for PC gamers, since those games are more expensive (normally 70€ on Windows store).

Xbox Play Anywhere is bad for the Xbox, it will sell less hardware due to no exclusives. With Xbox Play Anywhere, what's the point of getting a Xbox One?

Software sales? Do games sell more copies with Xbox Play Anywhere?

Deep-throat212d ago

PC gamers don't care about consoles. What's the point of consoles nowadays if you're a hardcore PC gamer like me?

AKR212d ago

I actually answered this right in the article: there will always be people who prefer PCs over consoles and also there will always be people who prefer consoles over PCs. As someone who plays on both, I can easily see the pros and cons of each side.

Consoles aren't as powerful PCs, but they're a lot more convenient. Not everyone has the technological know-how to properly manage a PC, and even if they do, not everyone likes to be bothered with it. With a console, all you have to do is set it on a desk, plug it in and that's the end of your worries. As a result, consoles will always have a place in the market.

maybelovehate212d ago

I mostly agree. Although I do still game on Xbox and PS4 sometimes, due to the fact most of my real life friends don't have gaming PC's.

Vegamyster212d ago

The main reason i buy consoles is for their exclusives, in this regard the Xbox aside from Halo doesn't have any appeal to me other then the few people i know that have one. The PS4 & Switch on the other hand offer a lot more in comparison.

maybelovehate212d ago

The games are the same price. You buy them on Xbox you get them on PC and vice versa. There are some actual real disadvantages though, such as the security being locked down so hard it makes modding almost impossible.

Aenea212d ago

Ehh no, you can buy physical games for between 45 and 55 euros, digital they are always 70 euros. If you want the PC version you have to get the digital version.

They should include a digital code for the Win10 PC version inside a physical Xbox One game box that would help a lot I think....

maybelovehate212d ago

@Aenea: Ori is 20 dollars, Recore is even less. Forza and Gears are 59.99 which is the same as they are on consoles. You buy them once and you can play them on both Xbox and PC.

DJustinUNCHAIND212d ago

Not everyone has a PC capable of gaming.

Why is this so hard to understand?

XiNatsuDragnel212d ago

Yeah but losing intentive to get the console. Is a bad as well be similar to the PS4.

Princess_Pilfer212d ago

Yeah, no.

See, most people aren't made of money. Most people can afford a decent gaming PC (the $450 to $600 range) or a console near its launch, not both. Even if they can technically afford it, that doesn't mean they can justify it when they already have a perfectly good system.

The people who go with the PC side in that choice, are going to go with the PC side regardless of what exclusives the Xbox may or may not have. The only way MS is going to make any money off those people, is to stop locking down the software that is the overwhelming majority of their profits and have a proper PC storefront, and the only way they're getting anyone to pay any attention to that storefront instead of just using steam is to put exclusives people actually want to play on that store alongside the 3rd party games they're hoping to sell people.

MS has shown us (this console generation no less) just how quickly they can about face. If this plan wasn't making them money, they wouldn't be doing it.

Rude-ro212d ago

It is not bad thing... it just removes potential consumers for a product being sold. I.e. Consoles.
A lack of exclusives is the other issue that arises again. Yes Xbox one games are play anywhere... but there are are not a lot of titles to play anywhere.

maybelovehate212d ago

The games only run on Windows so for MS they aren't losing a customer at all.

Rude-ro212d ago

They are losing potential consumers for the hardware that they are making and trying to sell.
If someone buys a game on windows store, which is not many when outside of third party games, there is not much to attract at all.
Exclusives attract consumers. Period. Be it pc, console, play anywhere... they need stuff to attract consumers.

maybelovehate212d ago

Play Anywhere is one of those features to attract customers to their services. And they will be very happy if you are a customer of Xbox One or Windows. MS won't release any Xbox One exclusives themselves that are not also on Windows. This is done on purpose because it is best for their business.

Princess_Pilfer212d ago

Console sales aren't where the money is. Software is where the money is. PC gamers, for the most part, were never going to buy the Xbox, but MS stands to make a lot of money if it can make it's store a legitimate competitor to Steam, and they have exclusives to lure people into the store so they can do just that.

Rude-ro212d ago

Software for who? Microsoft is not making software. They're buying third party exclusives and content.

Princess_Pilfer211d ago

Software for anybody. Consoles and online stores take ~30% (give or take) of the money of every sale on their store/through their platform. They're lucky if they even break even on the sales of actual consoles for the first like year or so.

It doesn't actually matter wether they sell software on the Xbox or though the windows store, their cut is similar. Combine that with the fact that the majority of PC gamers aren't buying Xboxes no matter how many exclusives there are, and you're in a situation where MS has little/nothing to lose buy putting their exclusives on PC, and a *lot* to gain if they create a legitiate competitor to Steam. .

raggy-rocket212d ago

I fail to see how people come up with an argument against this. These games were going to be on just Xbox originally, and having it play anywhere or on windows 10 PCs adds more to install base with cross play, increases software sales for devs (no matter how insignificantly) and brings more revenue to MS.

You can't use the argument that it's bad for PC gamers and no-one is going to buy any games on windows 10 whilst at the same time saying it's going to draw people from Xbox as they can just get a PS4 and play on PC.

The only person I could see this negatively impacting is Xbox themselves and frankly the revenue lost won't be enough to affect anything badly enough that is passes onto fans.

Through desperation or not, Microsoft has been becoming incredibly more pro-gamer and even investing more in first/second party or just exclusives (which hopefully we see the results of as it's most crucial imo). And regardless of bias, being pro-consumer should always be rewarded (look at Sony at start of gen), not insulted and belittled by fanboys.

Microsoft won't lose sales by putting the games on PC, they'll lose sales by not having those games that can't be played on PS4. I.e they need console exclusives, whether or not they're on PC as well is insignificant.

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