Is Destiny worth playing now the Destiny 2 Is releasing September 2017?

Rossco is back with the original Destiny for a few weeks as Destiny 2 edges closer to release on PS4, Xbox One & PC. But is Destiny worth playing now?

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Asuka332d ago

Not really imo. There isnt much story so you wont be missing anything. Your gear and progression do not carry over. There will not be anymore Iron Banner events or Trials. Hardly anyone will be playing the old raids. If you are interested in playing Destiny at all might as well start fresh with Destiny 2.

vikingland1332d ago

I played it for one month when it first came out and that's it, so it's worth it to me.

Derceto332d ago

No, and this is the problem with disposable trash games like this, that are invalidated by their successors.

Companies love it though, as morons line up to throw more money at them for what is essentially, an expansion pack. Unreal.

OffRoadKing332d ago

So people not playing for the last month or two invalidates the entire last three years because a new game in the series is coming out. You seem upset, listen if people throwing money at pointless things bothers you so much trust me this isn't even close to the biggest waste of money people spend on gaming, just wait till November 7th.

OffRoadKing332d ago

lol nah, haven't touched the game for weeks now, theres really no reason to.

Shin-Zantetsuken332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I am still playing it and it is great fun still especially PvP. The PvP offers a different flavor compared to D2 with quicker kill times, lower ability recharge times, and special weapons. I will quit though once D2 has been released. However, if I do not enjoy the PvP changes in D2 then I might return to D1 for PvP. However, new players just entering the Destiny franchise do not need to play D1 first. If they want to learn about the lore and story then just read some lore articles or watch some lore videos and you will figure out what happened in the first game. There isnt any coherent story in the game which is shame since the story is so amazing.

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