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Sonic Mania is a superb return to form, bringing back much of the magic and excitement of the original series.

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Tuxmask55421d ago

Finally a good Sonic game.

TheSoundDefense421d ago

There have been other Sonic games that were fine, even fun, but yes, this one really is good, on every level. Good like they used to be.

lptmg421d ago

I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed Lost World quite a bit

TheSoundDefense421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I liked Lost World a lot too, actually. And Unleashed.

NotoriousWhiz421d ago

The Sonic 4 that we deserved.

SactoGamer421d ago

I haven't bought a Sonic game since Generations. Perhaps I'll get this one.

Shuckylad421d ago

This is the game sega should of made and launched with the Saturn. I'm also hopeful mania will start a trend in bringing 90's style games back from major first party developers.