Don't Get Your Hopes up for Sonic Mania DLC

No additional stages will be coming, for now.

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link2Dpast360d ago

Like for real. Gamers nowadays are spoiled as eff, game was great and pure fan service, so take it enjoy it and anticipate the sequel. They start putting out DLC then the eventual sequel just doesn't seem as interesting

Yi-Long362d ago

Good. I would rather see Sega respond to this extremely positive reception by both fans as well as critics, by focussing on a fantastic sequel. No DLC-greed, but a Sonic Mania 2, a few years from now.

FullmetalRoyale360d ago

Idk what good it will do, but I filled out the little survey that's attached to the "more about this game" on PS4. Hopefully we get more Sonic Mania.

pscgrizz360d ago

It doesn't need DLC. It's a retro styled game through and through and being a complete game from
The off makes it even more so.

It stands so well on its own, the only way to possibly capitalise on it further is to make a fully fledged sequel, which Sega should really be asking Christian and co for. On their hands and knees.