Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is Among Series’ Least Diverse

Diversity is becoming increasingly valuable in games, and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is lacking - by comparison to its predecessors.

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FallenAngel1984250d ago

Damn straight it is. They put so few effort into new characters that really surprised you with their inclusion

lptmg250d ago

guess it's just wiser to stick to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 then

CorndogBurglar248d ago

guess it's just wiser to stick to Marvel vs Capcom 2 then

Rai248d ago

I wish I was a fly on the wall when Capcom decided on their side of the characters. What was the thought process in putting in those characters and choosing this art style....

Bobafret248d ago

A company that originated in Japan has the final say what is in their game, so I am confused about the racial part.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie248d ago

Well, from what I understand, Disney holds a lot of creative control over this, so there is American input as well, which I would argue would result in more dark-skinned characters. The issue is also that in the past, Capcom had more dark-skinned characters, so it's not entirely that they're a Japanese company.

47248d ago

Gamers don't care about this diversity bulls**t, they just want good characters. No one gives a flying f**k about the "underrepresentation" ; of minorities or women in this game. The issue people have are the actual characters being used. It seems like its just a rehash of previous games with no new real standouts. So sure, maybe this Infinite is the "least diverse" roster yet, but no one cares about that. Try again

New_Age_Retro_Hippie248d ago

Um, okay lol. Perhaps you don't care about the issue, but you sure do care about being bothered by it, haha.

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