Crackdown 3’s Delay Is Yet More Evidence Of The Systemic Problem Microsoft Is Facing

The Xbox's state of exclusives and first party games is alarming.

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WePlayDirty307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Xbox has always had lackluster exclusives and new IP with the exception of their Halo, Gears, Forza combo. (there has been a Forza game every year since 2011). It's too bad they cancelled Scalebound. I would have purchased an Xbox One S for that.

Liqu1d307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

It's funny how they say they're committed to Crackdown but couldn't show that same commitment for Scalebound.

WePlayDirty307d ago

"We're working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games"........

freshslicepizza307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

"It's funny how they say they're committed to Crackdown but couldn't show that same commitment for Scalebound."

Why? It's two different projects. Maybe they didn't like the direction one was going and felt it was money wasted. Projects get cancelled on all platforms, you should know that. But there is a systemeic problem at Microsoft as far as in-house studios and making games within. I don't think Scalebound was going to be all that successful but of course more selection is better. When they first showed it I don't recall a lot of positive feedback for it.

Not much talking about how good it looks.

nX307d ago

^funny how moldy still plays the Xbox defense force after being caught redhanded stating twisted facts and bullshit countless of times, he must be the stupid robot Microsoft has been developing for over 10 years now

itsmebryan307d ago

THow is that funny? Crackdown 3 is made by them and Scalebound was not. Please explain.

Obscure_Observer307d ago


Like you care about Scaleboud. Gimme a break! Lol!

pinkcrocodile75307d ago

That could be turned around to suggest this:

"It's funny that they're committed to Horizon Zero Dawn but couldn't show the same commitment for No Man's Sky"

Now this statement is bullshit of course, HZD was delayed but was released when it was ready and brilliant to boot. No Mans Sky was a ps4 exclusive wasn't first party just like platinum games.

I'm not defending MS here I'm just making sure the same yard stick is used for both Microsoft AND Sony.

Here, liquid is using one for Sony and another for MS and that's... well it's b0ll0cks isn't it!

Liqu1d307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

@itsmebryan Crackdown has multiple developers working on it and as far as I'm aware they are all independent so neither game is made by MS. Both Crackdown and Scalebound received funding from MS, they chose to cease funding and development on Scalebound yet continue to fund Crackdown. They have shown more commitment to Crackdown than the more interesting Scalebound.

@pinkcrocodile75 Poor comparison. Firstly, No Man's Sky isn't a PS4 exclusive. It's self published by Hello Games on Steam and PSN, Sony handled marketing and physical distribution, nothing more. Secondly, the game actually released, sold well and is still being supported. You can't say the same about Scalebound because it wasn't even given a chance.

MrSec84307d ago

@pinkcrocodile75: No Man's Sky wasn't cancelled and it isn't a PS4 exclusive, the IP is owned by Hello Games, who are an independent, private, self owned developer.

FYI Hello Games released NMS, sure they made promises that were supposed to be delivered at the game's launch, but despite falling short in many gamer's eyes they've continued to work on the game and improve it to fulfil those initial promises.

Your argument isn't valid because NMS wasn't cancelled, it isn't an exclusive and the IP isn't owned by Sony.
There aren't any examples one can use for Sony revealing an exclusive within this generation, promising it would release on a PlayStation home console and then cancelling it after multiple showings at various gaming events that have taken place since the initial announcements of this generation of consoles.

Microsoft had made promises Scalebound would release, same is true of Fable Legends and yet both were cancelled after many showings at E3s and other games conferences.

nix306d ago

Who are these Xbox defenders? I always thought we never had any huge number of Xbox defenders on this site. This is surprising because that's what we've been told all this time.

Godmars290306d ago


"It's funny that they're committed to Horizon Zero Dawn but couldn't show the same commitment for No Man's Sky"

You mean...released it, unlike MS with Scalebound? Fable Legends?

Can hardly argue NMS released in the state it was, but can regarding that it was released.

And Sony's fault with it was in with promotion while failing to follow up on publicly made claims as well as general development. Whereas with Scalebound and MS it was something, by way of canceling it, they apparently were actively involved with. I still insist that the insistence of online multi to the apparent single player game was the root of it's issues.

FinalFantasyFanatic306d ago


I'm pretty sure it's the same people with multiple accounts going on the defense, even the more hardcore xbox owners are realizing xbox has an issue with developing and maintaining new and old ips this gen. Or they've jumped to other consoles while they wait for Microsoft to fix the issue if they ever do.

pinkcrocodile75306d ago

@liquid, Jesus, you didn't read my post at all.

I know No Mans Sky was third party and console exclusive I said as much in my post.

I stand by my point though, you have a stick for hitting MS and a pillow for hitting Sony. Not cool dude.

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Why o why307d ago

Dead horse now

Old news

Evident from last gen

Only those in denial can't see

WePlayDirty307d ago

The disagree squad is out in force today.. Does one person have like 15 accounts?

chrisx307d ago

@darkdragonite yea its either some hacker is doing that or maybe even an admin

elmachooo307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

at ^^^
sooo.. just so we're clear... when anyone else disagrees about negative xbox comments suddenly it's a hacker? compared to everyone agreeing with xbox negativity, it's justified. or maybe that everyone has to agree with everyone's "hardware of choice" in order not to be classified a hacker... ...right?

chrisx307d ago

@elmacho, when the disagree goes from 2 to 25 in like 30 seconds, yea somethings definately fishy about that. Its obvious

elmachooo307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

the disagreeing should be slower then? by the way I've seen this place go fast with the agrees and disagrees on playstation comments too. does that mean there are playstation hackers too? or does that mean people strongly disagree or agree?

WePlayDirty307d ago

@elmachooo... No. I'm just saying the disagree squad is out in force today. Are you triggered?

elmachooo306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Not as triggered to be vocal like every playstation gamer in this thread it seems. over hundreds of comments in every crackdown 3 thread i notice... seems completely natural for N4G though to be honest.

DevilOgreFish306d ago

phantom disagrees have been a part of n4g. maybe it's time for the system to be removed. maybe then everyone can speak as gamers.

Genkins306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

it'll never be removed because the same people who complain about the phantom disagrees are probably phantom disagreeing too. it goes both ways. the mutual agree/disagree system exists to save people time in typing up long speeches. they simply click what they prefer, much of it opinionated. an opinion will always be met with an agree or a disagree.

WePlayDirty306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

@elmachooo, i'm just amazed i can suddenly go from 4 dislikes to 25 without any change to the agrees. Wouldn't you find that odd as well?

andrewsquall306d ago

@DARK--DRAGONITE What's even more fishy is the bizarre amount of disagrees WITHOUT any sort of defense comment whatsoever. Normally when its even 10 Agrees to 5 Disagrees you get at least one person who wants to challenge and explain why they disagree.
Lol when its 10 Agrees to 25 Disagrees across the whole article and not a PEEP from anybody except people defending the disagrees lol, yeah there is bullshit afoot.

Tacobell323306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

@^^^ An xbox game gets delayed by 4 months and suddenly the ps community starts rushing in with "the sky is falling" rhetoric. yeah no bullshit right there. you had people back in 2007 saying xbox was done for.

yet here we are 10 years later. Xbox is still around. it seems like playstation gamer predictions are just as bad as patcher.

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UnSelf307d ago

These "authors" are just so....smh. its laughable at this point.

GTA got delayed and it was a gospel sang from the heavens, praising the extra development time as the second coming

Now MS wants to delayed Crackdown 3 for more development time and now these articles about the Xbox X being in peril because of it.

If the Xbox X is in danger, believe me, the last reason is because they delayed a game

Ashlen307d ago

How about a delayed Crackdown plus canceled games, closed studios the fact there has only been one retail exclusive this year and it didn't even crack a 80 meta no real future outlook for games minimal third party exclusive support plus statements from management about how single player games are no longer relevant and that games as a service with micro-transactions are the future?

UnSelf307d ago

as i said, if the xbox is doomed its not because they delayed a game to make it better.

its for a litany of other reasons

Liqu1d307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

The delay wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that they will only have 1 big 1st party game this year which is another Forza and they had Halo Wars 2 early in the year. Microsoft's 1st party support is honestly terrible. The Switch will have more exclusives in it's first year than Xbox had in 2016/2017.

Thatguy-310306d ago

Joke is on you for comparing a delayed Rockstar game which is GTA to a developer that doesn't even come close to providing the quality that Rockstar is known to provide.

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bluefox755307d ago

True, but when you look at those 3 franchises, they've been going down in ratings. The last few entries in each franchise are some of the lowest in each respective series. I think part of this is due to the fatigue of the same game being rehashed over and over.

Obscure_Observer307d ago


Forza Horizon 3 disagrees

Vandamme21307d ago

Microsoft please, please, please, give them Halo 5 ODLC, please.

princejb134306d ago

Be serious with yourself. Scalebound looked trash since the first time they showed it.
Yea the human/dragon combo concept is cool but the gameplay was trash

306d ago
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chrisx307d ago

Ms needs to go back to the drawing board

nX307d ago

MS is fine, but Xbox is doomed.

franwex307d ago

Xbox is fine too, they just need to double down on their 1st party offerings.

FinalFantasyFanatic306d ago

Nothing wrong with the hardware as far as Xbox is concerned, it's the lack of games that hurts the console and forces people to chose one of the others.

Eidolon306d ago

Exactly, MS is fine fore sure. Xbox as a competitor to PS4 for exclusive content is a failure, but it will still be profit for MS, so I don't see a problem. They've given up on being a "direct" competitor like Xbox was to PS2 or 360 to PS3, they are now aiming for the "One" platform, don't see anything wrong with that,

FallenAngel1984307d ago

Well Microsoft's first party problems are something that's been going on for a decade now, so it's nothing new.

Nyxus307d ago

I don't think it's ever been as glaring as it is now.

WePlayDirty307d ago

Granted, they have tried to make new IP, like Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Recore, D4, State of Decay, Sea of theives, Ori, Cuphead... None of them personally give me a reason to buy the console.

nX307d ago

It was always bad tho, that's why I never even thought about buying a Xbox. It's a console for dense dudebros.

WelkinCole307d ago

Yes but its has not gotten better. As a matter of fact it has gotten worse on xbox fans lord and savior Phil Spence.

307d ago
corroios307d ago

Microsoft need to buy studios. To Spent billions or else.... The only new ip that was any good this gen was Sunset Overdrive. They should have bought Insomniac and also Sega, because they got tons of IPs.

This just show that they dont have any plan for the future. ,

WickedLester307d ago

You say that assuming Sega and Insomniac want to be bought.

corroios306d ago

im just saying they need strong studios, good studios. Those are two that with have good ip and make good games.

Without strong studios delivering games its over. Hype comes from games and not power.

TheColbertinator307d ago

Insomniac will remain independent after the disaster of working with EA

TheEnigma313307d ago

They went back to sony where they're bread was buttered.

Liqu1d307d ago

@TheEnigma Still independent though.

Xenophon_York307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yeah, no thanks. After what Microsoft did to Rare and Lionhead....

letsa_go306d ago

Seriously! Good point...we had to wait like 20 years for a proper followup to banjo kazooie. People had been wanting one for years, and microsoft just sits on all those IPs. All the people had to leave Rare and start Playtonic just to make the game people wanted them to make.

awdevoftw307d ago

Sega would never sell to Microsoft. Especially after the dreamcast fiasco.

FallenAngel1984307d ago

What tons of IPs do Insomniac own?

Also buying studios isn't going to solve Microsoft's issues. The way they handle their own studios is very problematic. Just look at why Bungie, their previous star player, left.

_-EDMIX-_306d ago

completely agreed I don't simply think it's as easy as by a bunch of Studios I actually believe the real problem has been the way Microsoft has treated these Studios.

So I don't think it's as simple as by a bunch of Studios I think they also need to actually be committed to making new properties with those Studios and actually letting those Studios openly create.

It's basically like as soon as lionhead couldn't make them a fable game they threw them to the Dust.

What about a new IP? Sony has purchased so many studios that over the years they've went on to make new intellectual properties irrelevant to the games they were making when they were first purchased it's like Microsoft can't see this and I actually believe Microsoft for the most part is only buying these Studios to obtain a specific intellectual property not necessarily to have an actual coherent team.

KillZallthebeast306d ago

Sony has tried buying insomniac ever since they also bought naughty dog. They have always stated they want to remain an independent studio.

_-EDMIX-_306d ago

I don't disagree with you that Microsoft needs to purchase Studios but the Studio's that you actually named and even that publisher I actually don't believe would want to even be purchased.

When you look at sega's perspective they're not going to sell themselves to a company that also does not sell Japanese games very well because it does not help their own employees.

In fact it greatly jeopardizes the future of all employees at that company considering on Microsoft has treated companies like that in the past.

Insomniac has never shown any interest in wanting to be purchased for god sakes even Sony was an able to purchase insomniac.

If anything crytek still has some teams that could be purchased and I O Interactive could use a good home there's lots of teams that could be purchased but there's lots of teams that they could technically build from the ground up.

The biggest problem I have it's not really that Microsoft doesn't have a lot of teams it's actually that Microsoft has never really even shown that they were bothered by not having enough teams in the first place it's not as if this situation is some sort of accident or unbeknownst to them.

Trust me Microsoft's nonchalant attitude about the situation is actually much more scary than them simply not having any teams, it's the fact that their actions have shown that this situation isn't even a big deal to them.

I think we all know what Microsoft needs to do whether or not they even want to do it is the real problem.

majedx9306d ago

"Microsoft needs to buy studios. To Spent billions or else"
i said that before they spent $500M on Kinect marketing like WTF😖😑😖 they could buy AAA IPs with that kind of money.

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