Top 5 Reasons You Should Wait to Buy an Xbox One X

We're less than a day away from when you will be able to pre-order the Xbox One X. Read on for 5 reasons you might want to wait to buy it.

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Obscure_Observer333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Bunch of stupid reasons.

The girl says the X should be played on a 4K tv, despite the fact the X supports supersampling. Then next, she recomends the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as alternatives. WTF?

Bugs/Glitches With the Software - Yeah, because both Xbox One and Xbox One S was plagued with lots of it.

Price - Good luck at getting a PC with the X´s specs for 500 bucks!

Small and Less Than Stellar Launch Lineup - "Small" LMAO!

Obscure_Observer333d ago

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

VforVideogames332d ago

no matter what people or fans like the author says, I'm getting an x1x day one just like I did with the pro.
no games? check
500dlls? check
bugs/glitches? check
4k tv? check

MRBIGCAT333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Point she is making is that you should have a decent 4K TV to really takes advantage of the hardware. Otherwise, why get the X1X? Forza 7? That is literally the only decent launch game that truly takes advantage of the hardware. You'd be wise to hold off a bit.

Obscure_Observer333d ago


I understand you point man, but the same reason applies to PS4 Pro as well. Wipeout, Rise of Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn are the best 4K games on PS4 Pro. And you NEED a nice 4K TV for it just like Forza 7 on Xbox One X.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan333d ago

You forget that we are going to see a list of titles that will be 'patched' for 4K support that does take advantage of the hardware (ReCore, Gears, and various 3rd parties). And what about the 'supersampling' that the X1X will offer for those with 1080p There is a lot of tech that a lot of people can enjoy without a 4K TV, as that is not the only reason to buy it. Just sayin' In the end though, people should be cautious as I don't think the X1X will be for everyone, that is for sure.

Msdice333d ago

In order to take full advantage of what people are going to buying the Xbox X for (all its specs) you'll want to have technology that supports it within your house. This is where the 4K TV comes in. You make a point in response to Mrbigcat that the PS4 Pro needs a 4K TV as well, and while that's true, the Pro doesn't have a $500 price tag attached. The article never even states the PC as an option, because everyone knows a $500 PC is crap. The point there is pretty invalid. And just because the Xbox one and Xbox one s weren't plagued with tons of software issues, doesn't mean they didn't exist. And lastly, as for the lineup, it's not exactly exciting since most games are available on the previous consoles. No exclusives are available at launch with the Xbox one x. That in itself is disappointing.

Bigpappy333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

It has quicker load times; better resolution; Supper sampling at 1080P; Dynamic Resolution games which run below 1080P will run natively at 1080p; Steadier frame rates; If the framerate is unlock it will run at the higher framerate. The only missing feature is 4K. so that is 7 features of which only 1 is missing. Is not like you'll never be able to afford a 4K TV. They get cheaper by the day.

I mean she is actually not talking to me. I have a 4K TV. But it I didn't I would get the X before a 4K TV because it just runs games much better and I know that I would eventually upgrade anyway.

segamaniaco332d ago

Wait if the water cooler will work

Nyxus333d ago

I would wait it out because of the price. The Xbox One dropped a lot in price very quickly.

Obscure_Observer333d ago

I doubt you would buy one anyway.

Nyxus333d ago

It's hypothetical. But yeah, I would be hesitant to buy an interave console anyway (didn't get a PS4 Pro either).

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Hillrywonpopvote333d ago

number one reason: it's an Xbox.

sk8ofmnd332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Well said...

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attilayavuzer333d ago

You're all missing the biggest reason-doesn't release for another 3 months.

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