Opinion: Why 2018 Could be the Year of Square Enix

"With the localization announcement of Dragon Quest XI for the West, Square Enix finds itself at a possible turning point in its storied history."

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FallenAngel1984454d ago

I don't see how DQXI's localization would "signify a major shift in strategy." It's not like they wouldn't localize the mainline title, especially after they already localized DQIV-DQIX here as well as DQH1&2 and DQB. In DQXI's case it's just following what's already been established. A major shift would be if Dragon Quest started opted for worldwide releases like Final Fantasy.

"Then came Final Fantasy XII on March 16, 2006, nearly four and a half years after the last single-player installment in the franchise, Final Fantasy X."

The last single player installment in the series at the time was FFX-2.

"Kingdom Hearts fans have been treated to an onslaught of portable titles."

Because the development team behind Kingdom Hearts was working on FFXV(then FFvXIII) at the time. If it weren't for these handheld titles the series would've gone dormant for a decade until after the Tokyo team finished up FFXV(then FFvXIII). It's thanks to these handheld games that we were able to get the Osaka team to deliver KH3 even sooner than was originally planned, so be grateful.

"The World Ends With You, one of the most unique IP to see release during the previous decade, has been nowhere to be seen."

With the way that game ended, a sequel doesn't seem very easy to make anyway.

"I can’t credit the same to Dragon Quest, as the follow-up to one of the biggest and most mature JRPGs of all time was limited to the Nintendo DS."

And many people enjoyed DQIX. It was put on a handheld so S-E could introduce local multiplayer in the mainline series.

"While Final Fantasy XIII came out relatively unscathed."

FFXIII had a troubled development period as well.

"Square Enix is a company that dates back to 1975."

Square Enix as a company was created in 2003. Enix was created in 1975 though, which was a separate entity.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory454d ago

For me I am getting
project Octopath Traveler
Lost Sphear
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Builders 2
for Switch

Now if they announce Bravely Third for 2018 as well then 5 titles for me to get for my Switch.

Chexs1990453d ago

You forgot "Forgotton Anne" :D

Soulst0rmer453d ago

project octopath traveler is probably the dumbest name ever LOL but the gameplay looks incredibly fun. does anyone know if I am setsuna is coming to the switch?

dsilbert453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

It's already on the Switch!

wonderfulmonkeyman453d ago

Its name is probably one of those kinds of names that ties deeply into the lore of the story.

I think octopath is probably going to be some sort of interdimensional thing.

Well, this is assuming they don't up and change the name of the game nearer to release, as this really does sound like just a code-name.XD

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory452d ago

well it's made by Silicon Studio who made Bravely Default so yeah LOL

PhoenixUp453d ago

It'd be awesome if we got a FFVII: Crisis Core remaster next year packed in with a demo for FFVII Remake

InKnight7s453d ago

Thats sound too good to be true. Sorry Crisis Core and DoC HD remaster wont happen. Developers said Type0 happened because that game wasnt available in first place. Also, devlopers said that VII complination games isnt a canon to VII.
Google it.

_-EDMIX-_452d ago

"Thats sound too good to be true"

Yet Birth By Sleep was ported to PS3 and PS4, yet even Dream Drop Distance was ported to PS4, Patapon was ported to PS4.

don't really think anyone can really say never on something like this. They have a lot of games that can be ported and remastered, heck look at FFXII and FFX.

With how Square ports games, I can't really say something like "won't happen".

Yet...GBA, PS2 DS and 3DS, PSP games got ported to PS3, PS4 etc?


You'd say the same crap for FFX and be wrong, FFXII and be wrong, Birth By Sleep and be wrong!

You can't really say "won't happen" with stuff like this. For god sakes RE 2002 was remastered after 13 years of being on 1 system.

_-EDMIX-_452d ago

Keep fighting the good fight!

With FFXII being remastered, I think FFVII Crisis Core can happen, I mean birth by sleep is on PS4 so who knows.

InKnight7s452d ago

Kh is different because Nomura worked to make it avaliable like big package and each as Final remix as never released before and preparing people for KH3 one more last time. Crisis core is same and didnt developed more DoG is better in US already.

_-EDMIX-_452d ago

@inKnight- Thats nice.

You can feel that way all you want.

You know not of what Square will port next.

Again...consider Capcom ported RE2002 to to several sysetms 13 years after being only on 1.

Sorry but you don't know if they will or won't. Carrying the FFVII very much can happen.

"Kh is different because Nomura worked to make it avaliable"

Yes, he doesn't own Square though bud. Irrelevant.

"preparing people for KH3"

LMFAO! OH But don't prepare people for FFVII?


Buddy, you can't use such an excuse, yet ignore it can apply to FFVII Crisis Core or DoC. For all you know, some FFVII collection will release with all the ports of FFVII side games before FFVII remake's release.

So Square just hates money and will NEVER port an older game? They never did that before or?


You say this, yet Dragon Quest 1 has been ported to PS4.

FFXII just ported to PS4


So your argument is Square won't port old games, all while Square ports old games?


Relientk77453d ago

I am super excited for Dragon Quest XI

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