GameStop To Offer Exclusive Trade Offer for Xbox One X Following Microsoft's Gamescom Stream

GameStop will offer exclusive trade offer for the Xbox One X following Microsoft's Gamescom pre-order announcement via live-stream.

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ccgr212d ago

May trade in my S if it's worth it

Aurenar212d ago

It is only if you don't have a gaming PC

SirJoJo211d ago

This^ is the kind of ignorant and immature comment that gives gamers a bad rep.

sd11211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I have a gaming pc, I am also buying the xbox x day 1. If you Have the money for a decent gaming pc then xbox x is a tiny purchase. Why not add one x to the collection.


Right because suddenly everyone has a gaming PC as powerful as the One X....

choujij211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@sd11 "I have a gaming pc, I am also buying the xbox x day 1. If you Have the money for a decent gaming pc then xbox x is a tiny purchase. Why not add one x to the collection."

Hmm... Redundancy and having to buy a live subscription year after year just to play it's games online, when the money saved on all of that could be put towards making your "decent" gaming PC a real beast? I know, crazy talk.

Bobafret211d ago

I have a nice gaming PC and I am buying the X.

WeAreLegion210d ago

That's correct. I don't know why anyone is disagreeing. There is zero reason to own this, if you have a good gaming PC.

sd11210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

@Choujij @We are legion "There is zero reason to own this"

There is plenty of reason to own and Xbox as well as pc.
Firstly many of my friends do not own gaming pc's but do own and Xbox. I like to game with them so I need an xbox to do this.
Secondly I can buy a single digital game and game on 2 systems at the same time with my kids using just 1 single game purchase. This lets me play multiplayer games with my kids for 1 price.
3rd I played ps3 almost exclusively last gen, so B/C allows me to play games I missed. Plus getting them free each month with Live is a bonus.
4th I speed run a lot of games and do not want to own them all. So Xbox allows me to buy games, speed run them and then sell them. This more than offsets the xbox live subscription costs, so it becomes a non issue.
5th I like the simplicity of console gaming and my pc is in a different room. I do not want it in my entertainment room and prefer it to stay in my study. I like gaming on a big screen.

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letsa_go211d ago

@BLKxSEPTEMBER I do, mine is definitely more powerful...i7 6700k, gtx 1080, 16GB ram. No point in getting an xbox one x when I can play all the exclusives & mutiplats in 4k already!

dcbronco211d ago

Ok, fine for you. But the people that don't have $1200 for a PC right now should consider buying X. Especially if they have a S or base already.

Bobafret211d ago

Then you are in a minority. Your comment is just trolling.

letsa_go211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@Bobafret So I am trolling because I am a minority? That's racist!

letsa_go211d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark obviously you do, because you chose to respond!

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sd11210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

But its all about the individual needs of each person. I have a similiar spec pc and am getting the xbox x. In the comment above i outlined 5 of my top reasons for doing so. But obviously these may not apply to you. But i consider them great reasons to an X to my collection.

letsa_go210d ago

@sd11 I do agree with what you have to say, it is for the individual needs. For your 5 points: 1. All my friends moved to PS4 this gen, (kind of my doing because I was the early adopter of the bunch, but they were all upset about the xbox one reveal). 2. I don't have kids, it is just me, so I don't have to worry about sharing. 3. I was xbox the last 2 gens, so I am enjoying the playstation exclusives. But you are right, and I may pick up an xbox one s in the future for backward compatibility, because you can't emulate og xbox and 360 yet. 4. This is why I buy a lot of games on ps4, so I can sell them after I beat them. I only buy pc games if I can get them under $10 because I can't resell them., cdkeys, G2A, & kinguin helps me find low prices on games. I will also rebuy games I played on console that have pc some last gen games can play at higher resolutions and are almost like some of the remasters they do, like Enslaved. 5. My PC is connected to my tv and I use it mostly as a monitor, so I don't need to worry about this.

sd11209d ago

I started this gen off with an Xbox One as the exclusives appealed more. I did buy a ps4 and have played most of the exclusives, but I don't use it for third party games at all. Pretty sure if I could get a few select friends to abandon xbox next gen then I will move across to Sony exclusively. Xbox are just not doing enough regarding games. Even their latest game, Age of Empires 4, does not have a mention for Xbox. As for cheap PC games, yes I use humble bundle and humble bindle monthly a lot. I like playing older games like bioshock, skyrim etc in 4k as it saves me needing remastered versions.

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2pacalypsenow210d ago

They only give you $150 for it, you might get more selling it locally.

XiNatsuDragnel212d ago

Trade my S if it's appealing enough

Chris_Wray212d ago

It's Gamestop, so I hate to say it but any trade offer they give you is likely not really worth it - considering the profit margins the companies like Game (UK) and Gamestop (US) make on pre-owned items.

gamer7804211d ago

Worth it if u have multiple S or 360s you need to replace

LAWSON72211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Depends not to long ago they doubled trade in values of Walmart game prices on accident. I once got $100 trade in value for a 2ds to new 3ds xl when it originally released, which is was a killer deal.

Most of the time they have okay trade up deals. Odds are you get $20-30 less than selling yourself, but considering the time you save and the overall convenience it offers you kind of are still getting a good deal

rainslacker210d ago

It's $150 trade credit, which isn't too bad for an X1S if one intends to get a Scorpio, doesn't need to have both consoles(which most probably don't), and doesn't want to take the time to sell the system on their own to net maybe an extra $30 or so on ebay, or $50 if they happen to find a buyer on their own.

Bigpappy211d ago

I might get mine there if I don't see better deals elsewhere.

Alexious211d ago

GameStop usually has the best deals for this kind of stuff.

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bolimekurac211d ago

getting ready for the pre order, oh boy

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