WWE 2K18 on Switch will only support six characters on-screen at once

2K has updated its announcement for WWE 2K18 with an interesting note about the Switch version.

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Gemmol279d ago

Not bad, the PS4 do 8 characters I think, but 2 less will still give a solid if they said it only hold 3 characters then it would be a shame

GameBoyColor278d ago

how is 2 more much better though? The game is already clunky with targeting and will be really buggy at release along with the annual fps drops but now even worse do to the new lighting system and now rendering of 2 more wrestlers. The people demoing it are already stating that it's got some nasty drops and before you say the "oh its an early build" excuse, the bugs and fps drops all where there at the release of their last games so it's not gunna be different here.

OMGitzThatGuy278d ago

Reread the comment and tell me where you see he says it is better at.

278d ago
PlayStation_5278d ago

When you buy downgraded console hardware, then you get downgraded 3rd party software. That's just the way it is...

OtakuDeNoche278d ago

So wait, if logically speaking... Wouldn't that apply to any console? Since the order of hardware specs: Nintendo Switch > Xbox One(S) > PS4 > PS4 Pro > Xbox One X PC(if you really want to compare PC to console, which is unfair imo). So you win if you choose Xbox One X in terms of console gaming only. Perhaps I've gone too deep into this lol.

Neonridr279d ago

if that's the only difference (minus possible Pro/One X enhancements) then I can live with that.

Christopher278d ago

Well, it also will look the poorest of all versions.

As far as portability, that's the cost of the hardware, which is the same as the consoles with more power, more hardware, more diversity in games.

I do think $60 games are a bit much considering their comparative development costs are lesser compared to other parties with more capable hardware.

That's just my opinion. Obviously others will feel differently.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago (Edited 278d ago )


Be like "here is a game with less features, less players on screen and worst performance and graphics......full price"

Neonridr278d ago

we don't know what the resolution of the game is on the consoles. Obviously it will look worse in handheld mode, but that's a concession we can't exactly factor in since the screen is limited to 720p.

Christopher278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Yeah, we do know it, neonridr. The GPU benchmarks and lesser RAM alone tell us that. And we're not just talking resolution, but texture quality, lighting, and similar physics based graphics.

Christopher278d ago

I probably wouldn't mind if it didn't still cost $60. But, it does.

GameBoyColor278d ago

Didn't matter to me on 2k17. Still payed full price. And i hear it's already got fps problems on whatever console they were demoing it on at the event. That makes me worried about all versions

The 10th Rider278d ago

I've never player the WWE games and I'm not likely to buy this one, but only having 6 characters vs 8 doesn't seem like a major loss. Obviously supporting 8 would be much better, but isn't wrestling generally 1 v 1 anyways? Is the 8 person stuff such an essential mode?

I'm genuinely curious. As someone who knows a bit about wrestling and the WWE but absolutely nothing about the games, the drop in characters supported on screen doesn't sound like something so significant it'd warrant a price drop.

GameBoyColor278d ago

you are correct, the 8 man matches will really only make a difference in survivor series and royal rumble. Also, they say that the ai will step in so it's not so clustered, but really these multi man matches always are just too much and crippled by the targeting system.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

So person who doesn't play wrestling games is now trying to pretend having less people is somehow better?

Umm ok.

I don't understand why there's this desperation to always pretend every single last missing feature is nothing.

This is one of the reasons why having weaker hardware is a big deal.

So basically this isn't going to have Royal Rumble?


This version is nerfed by weak Hardware

The 10th Rider278d ago


LOL, Nowhere did I pretend it's better for the game. Nor did I pretend the game isn't nerfed. I merely stated that from what I know about wrestling and WWE the feature doesn't seem like an integral part of the game and it's removal certainly doesn't sound like it would warrant a price drop. If someone who's played the series could explain to me why it would warrant a price drop, I'd be glad to hear it.

GameBoyColor appears to have played the series and seems to agree that the loss doesn't significantly impact the game. No one else who's played the series has said otherwise so I will take him on his word unless someone else who's played it says otherwise.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

@10- "GameBoyColor appears to have played the series and seems to agree that the loss doesn't significantly impact the game."

Not to sure about that.


I don't think he is willing to say anything actually impacts Switch anything.

soooo based on this.

I'm not sure I'd believe anything this person states regarding the Switch version of any game.

GameBoyColor278d ago

Lol edmx I've bought these games every year since here comes the pain. And guess where I bought the last 3 games? Ps4.

If you really wanna go through my history go far back enough where you can see me commenting on 2k15

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septemberindecember278d ago

It's a minor sacrifice for added portability. If the portability aspect doesn't entice you, then PS4/Xbox One versions might be your thing.

Outlawzz278d ago

Never played wwe ever but sounds like that might be a problem for the switch version

nevin1278d ago

I know a 2001 SmackDown game had 8 players in the ring at once. But I could've sworn a wrestling game had about 9-10.

Anyway, my point is, 360/PS3/PS4/Xone should already had surpassed the 6.

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