ReCore: Definitive Edition Leaks Online On Official Store; 4K Support Stated Nowhere

ReCore: Definitive Edition is what was the “big surprise” that the developers got us hyped up for and we are totally excited

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XiNatsuDragnel114d ago

No 4k support that sucks. Hopefully this was a typo.

SolidGear3113d ago

Yeah it seems like the Xbox One X could easily handle this in native 4K

Kingthrash360113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

It should be able to....but I think because of the cpu, the frame rate took a hit so they compromised for balance.
That's the right choice imo. Better to keep stability and compromise resolution than the other way around.
But then wouldn't that break the promise of "all xbox exclusives will run 4k" ...they may get flack for it. They really oversold the power of this console man I swear....the hype worked for a time but games are falling short of the expectations.

ninsigma113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Well if it's a leak then it's possible the page hasn't been finished yet.

What does this game need a definitive version for though?? It doesnt have DLC so what is it adding that makes it definitive?? Seems to me like it's a way to get the game selling again because it did poorly the first time around.

Edit: fixed typo

113d ago
maybelovehate113d ago

It supports 4k already on PC, I am sure it will on Xbox One X. The assets are already there and they definitely have the video memory. Not like that game is pushing any envelopes lol

Italiano1234567113d ago

This game didnt even sell 250000 copies. I dont understand why you would waste the time and money on this

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