Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Edition Is Like Russian Roulette

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT may have just received a release date, a season pass and several collector’s editions, but the most interesting choice is that the Steelbook Edition is more a matter of luck.

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New-Breed93d ago

I feel like this will receive some backlash from major fans since it could be viewed as an exploitation of their passion.

trumpwonstopcrying93d ago

yea people will go crazy trying to get all 3 steelbooks to collect now

also I'm sick and tired of these expensive collectors editions offering a half-a$$ed soundtrack cd

15 tracks? that's such bs considering the full OST will probably be at least 40 tracks

Hillrywonpopvote93d ago

Probably not going to get this game, but hopefully people who do enjoy it.

Cybermario93d ago

this is BS honestly, then again i know people that will be willing to throw money like crazy

-Foxtrot93d ago

It's bullshit because they've put least liked characters with a single fan favorite

Cloud, Squall and Zidane are split between the the 3 steelbooks. If you want someone like Zidane then luckily you get Tidus aswell BUT the drawback is surprise surprise Lightning is featured on the front. I can't make this shit up.

Like I've said before Steelbook 1 should have been FF1-5, Steelbook 2 would have had FF6-10 and Steelbook 3 would have the rest. Not that hard guys. Heroes on front and the villains on the back.

InKnight7s93d ago

But ff1-5 isnt than Warrior of Light, Cecil and Kein, ff6-10 all are amazing for bad and good guys, The rest of FF about that mean XI small character, Gabranth, Lightning, XiV healer and lastly XV Noctis which isn't there and most likely saved for DLC. Mixing is more valueable for everybody. Most FF fans value something includes FFVI till FFX era, other than that will just ok or nah.

Elda93d ago

I'll buy when price is reduced.