TurboGrafx 16 Gaming On The Cheap

Brandon Weicks writes, "The TurboGrafx 16 was the forgotten middle-child of the the 16-bit era. Nintendo was the older do-no-wrong sibling while Sega was the loudmouth look-at-me younger sibling. The TG16 quietly offered good graphics and sound but it wasn’t enough to standout in the North American Market. Prices for games on the TG16 are on the rise but there are a few titles that can be had in the $50 dollar or less range."

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lptmg363d ago

Honestly, try to get a japanese PC Engine instead. The amount of games is much bigger and given the success of it in Japan, it's easier and cheaper to find games for it

rainslacker362d ago

A region switch is fairly easy to install, and I believe there is a new convertor in the works to replace the stupidly priced older one which is no longer in production.

A Duo from either region is a better bet IMO. Tons of great games on CD. The Macross SRPG is awesome.

lptmg362d ago

I got one of those CoreGrafx + PC-CD combos which come in a little suitcase with AV out, having the CD drive is a must for Castlevania alone, and Street Fighter 1 for novelty

Einhander1971362d ago

Yes Duo the best option bought my Duo R years ago still running. Games like Lords of Thunder, Castlevania, Gate of Thunder, Soldier Blade, etc put a lot of snes and Megadrive games to shame, fantastic system especially the CD rom stuff, incredible little system.