Gaming Industry - Is it Time for Consoles to Make Like Cell Phones?


With last years mid-generation release of the PS4 Pro, this fall’s release of the Mid-Generation Xbox One X is it possible that now is the right time for gaming consoles to take a page out of the cell phone manufacturers handbook and offer these consoles at a reduced price for locked in 1,2 or even 3 year contracts?

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PiNkFaIrYbOi333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

No bad, bad, bad idea. I cannot say how bad of an idea that is. It would be a horrid way to go.

dauntingpixel333d ago

Why though? I think it's worth a discussion. We're all OK with paying $10-15 a month over a 2 year contract with cell phone companies on top of our $50+ cellphone+ $25 data plan (Canadian) just to have a new device. Why can't it work with Xbox Live or PSN? Or even with Internet providers?

PiNkFaIrYbOi333d ago

Not everyone is, I don't own a cell phone at all and probably never will.

OB1Biker333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I can see it makes sense to offer the option if there s no longer proper new generation consoles but only iterations. So Ms maybe tempted going for it if what they said about generations is not bs? Sony said to carry on with new generation consoles playing new generation games so I dont think that would work to go from PS4 to PS5
Also a lot of people dont even get PS+

nX333d ago

Cell phones are already past the time of needing upgrades every year.
If you aren't happy with your iPhone 10 you also won't be with an iPhone 11.

rainslacker331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Not all of us are OK with that. Some of us don't really care that much. I buy $50-60 phones and use them for a year or two with no contract($25/month servive) and use the phone until it just craps out.

Game development doesn't move that fast, and even when you look at the mobile market, it takes years for a game to take advantage of the hardware, and by then, the hardware is well past what it was for when those games started getting made. Smart Phone games get out faster due to much higher level API's, and the more hardware that comes out, the more of a pain in the ass it becomes for developers.

Despite similar hardware between releases, there are still going to be differences, as programming paradigms do change from year to year, but the console keeps things in check so everything becomes easier for the devs.

Changing to a cell phone model is also going to be a costly endevour for the console makers, because it requires a constant and continuous R&D budget for multiple products at a time, as they cwould have to have not only their next console in development, but also the one after that.

When it comes down to it, there is absolutely no reason for this model to exist in consoles. It won't show real benefit for the gamer on the software side for years after their purchase. It won't benefit the developers or publishers. It won't benefit the console makers due to constant and increasing R&D budgets coupled with a never-ending marketing budget which keeps having to focus on hardware as opposed to software...although this would vary by company if we go by current examples.

This is one of those cases where trying to compare two completely seperate markets, with separate needs and desires is just not prudent. What works in one market, doesn't necessarily mean that something will work in another market. You don't see most people going out and buying a new laptop every year if they use them. While options are available for them to do that, they still don't do it. People aren't buying up new DS or 3DS's every year, even when they come with upgrades...although there are those that do.

It's not that the console release schedule couldn't use some paradigm shifting ideas, but making it a yearly, or bi-yearly thing may not be the way to go.

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shinoff2183333d ago

Wtf kind of dumb article is this. Straight nonsense

Godmars290333d ago

Just because many of the large devs have moves towards the mobile gaming doesn't mean that they have to *Totally* go in that direction.

dauntingpixel333d ago

It's not about moving to the mobile platform - it's about having a new pricing structure in place for Xbox Live/PSN or Internet to pay it down over the course of a few years. It keeps money in yoour pocket in the short term while still allowing you to buy the latest and great technology. Especially since it feels as thought(like it or not) the mid cycle upgrades/technology improvements is very likely to be the way things go into the future

shinoff2183333d ago

So I can buy a new system every year or two, no thanks.

Godmars290333d ago

What the hell are you talking about?!

The XbX is at least $100 over current systems, between pre-orders DLC and microtransactions a $60 title can costs as much as $300 and more, yet somehow the introduction of hardware every two years suppose to save consumers money?!

The pricing for console gaming is moving to a mobile model meaning setting things up for those who can/want to pay for whatever pay-to-play gimmick a publisher cares to introduce while development time for games increases along with graphical demands.

dauntingpixel333d ago


Isn't that what the console manufacturers are doing now? Xbox One - Xbox One X. PS4 - PS4 Pro

how long do you think these are going to be the flagship consoles for these companies? 2 years? No more than 3 I can assure you of that

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