Turn 10 Explains Forza Motorsport 7's Audiovisual Enhancements, Including One Only for XB1X

Turn 10's Bill Giese revealed the audiovisual enhancements planned for Forza Motorsport 7, including one that will only be available on Xbox One X.

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HotMess250d ago

Excited to get my hands this.

Chris_Wray250d ago

I have to be that guy and say that no matter what improvements they put in this, It'll never hold up to the Forza Horizon games. Interesting new feature though, hopefully it'll work out well and not have too big of an impact on systems, particularly that of the Xbox One X.

freshslicepizza250d ago

Different type of racer, both can be good.

KaoSouL249d ago

I personally think the Horizon games are just as bad as Drive Club, if not worse. I've got almost 800hrs invested into Forza 6, and I can't even tolerate 5 minutes worth of Horizon 2 or 3.

XStation4pio_Pro249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

DriveClub was terrible. It was pretty and that’s it. Horizons at least has replay value and diversity. And more cars. And more events. And better physics nd more tuning... and customizing, and social features.... and just about everything else.... including a great licensed soundtrack.

XStation4pio_Pro249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

The only thing they have in common is the game engine and the brand. Everything else is different. Horizons is an arcade racer and Motorsport is meant to be realistic with real tracks - for people like me who love racing and cars in real life and want to recreate the experiences at home.

zb1ftw777249d ago

Horizons has the same game engine and in depth engine tuning and simulation options as Forza Motorsport.

Horizons is the same game but different level design and events.

The car handling is identical.

It's not an arcade racer and as much as a sim as Motorsport. Just with a fun landscape design.

OffRoadKing248d ago

Drive Club was not "terrible". Stop drinking drugs. Whats your PSN gamer tag so I can look up how much Drive Club you actually played?

CoryHG248d ago

Yeah but the casual fanbase that are the xbox owners dont know that

FITgamer250d ago

Maybe your personal. It'll be a cold day in hell when a racing game actual gets a GOTY award.

Alexious250d ago

Well, it is a niche, but it's a pretty large niche.

Critic4l_Strik3249d ago


Best Racing award =/= GOTY

TheColbertinator250d ago

I think he meant a racing game winning GOTY,not a racing game wimning Racing game of the year.

FITgamer250d ago

Obscure_Observer so "Best Racing" award is GOTY?

Atticus_finch249d ago

Maybe the xbox1 will finally have a goty. But it's going against some stiff competition.

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FITgamer250d ago

Wonder when the demo is going release? If it can out do Assetto Corsa's racing mechanics I might pick it up.

Liqu1d250d ago

It won't. Assetto Corsa is more of a hardcore sim compared to Forza.

Alexious249d ago

Project CARS is too. Forza is better than GT at this point though, much better, and definitely my pick.

Liqu1d249d ago

How is GT relevant to my comment?

itsmebryan249d ago

You know this because you have played Forza 7?

Liqu1d249d ago

Don't need to. Assetto Corsa targets people looking for the most realistic experience, Forza focuses on providing more realism than arcade racers while offering a better game experience than hardcore sims like Assetto Corsa.

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